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Found 186 results

  1. Jeremy A

    LDS Trivia and Puzzles Next Game

    . . . Remember that showing up on time or before starts you with 1,000 points. The game takes place on IRC in #lds_trivia. If you have any questions/problems on how to get there, please post here. Last week, someone showed up a few hours late, and I tried to start a game, but the lag on the server made it difficult for answers to reach me in time. We'll see what happens this time.
  2. So it finally happened...I got asked to prepare a lesson plan and Power Point presentation on Mormonism. The lesson will be part of a three day conference on Christian religious group faith practices in correctional settings. The audience are all chaplains. So, these were the highlights: Introduction: What three words come to your mind when you think of Mormonism? I then ask if words like polygamy, homophobia etc. Come to mind. Then I ask if any have seen The Godmakers, or read Walter Martin's works on the faith (rhetorical questions). The point: The prevalence of anti-Mormon media is one reason that the term LDS is preferred these days. History/Beliefs: I mostly quote from to briefly highlight Joseph Smith's founding of the church, the claim to living prophets, and the Great Apostasy/Restoration. I then use to briefly cover the belief in the possibility of godhood, the literal nature of our being children of God, and the understanding that we have an eternal intelligence. I conclude by pointing out that there are no dietary restrictions (other than the WoW), and the need to accommodate sacred garments. It's so hard to summarize a faith group in 15 slides and 20-minutes. Hope I did y'all justice.
  3. Okay, it's been three weeks, so the next session of LDS Trivia and Puzzles starts tomorrow at 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern. Fortunately, I had one player last time three weeks ago, so I'm hoping to have two or more. If there are any questions about how to get to the game, please post here. It takes place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Think of this as a good family activity, since this game won't be done every week. The reason I want more than two is so I can use educated guess questions. These questions are ones that the answer is not easily known. Each player will get enough time to come up with a guess as quickly as possible. Whoever is closest to the correct answer will get the point value of the question. If players get it right, the player gets five times the point value of the question. (Note: This isn't the Price Is Right. I don't care if anyone goes over.)
  4. I'm about to start a game. More players are needed. To get to the game, click here to get a web browser IRC client. There will be an ad at the top of the screen, but it's a quick way to get there.
  5. A game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles starts tonight at 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern or when two or more people show up. It takes place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. If there any questions about how to get there, please ask here. Puzzles are a secondary part of the game. It offers bonus points to players. The first player that gets the correct answer(s) in the first part will get control and an opportunity to guess a letter. If the letter is in the puzzle, it will be shown, points awarded, and then players will have an opportunity to guess it until the next question is asked. If the letter isn't in the puzzle, the game continues with no opportunity to guess the puzzle. It's VERY important to note that guessing a vowel while consanants are still in the puzzle will cost a total of 750 points, 250 from the player's score and another 500 from the value of the puzzle. The script tracks what letters have been guessed, so a message displays if a letter already guessed is guessed again. Each round consists of one puzzle with an allocated 10 minutes to solve it. If it's not solved when that 10 minutes are up, a speed round occurs until it is solved. A speed round starts with the player in control, and the script will just move down the nickname list and give everyone a shot at guessing a letter. It will keep going until someone solves the puzzle or the last letter is revealed. Whoever solves the puzzle first will get the value of the puzzle and control. If the puzzle entered matches exactly, including punctuation, bonus points are awarded. If the puzzle entered is spelled correctly, less bonus points are awarded. Additional points are awarded for any time left on the puzzle clock.
  6. A game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles will start at 5:30 PM Pacific if two or more people show up. The game takes place over DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Any questions with how to get to the game, please ask here. Last week, someone entered the channel to play. The person was about an hour or two late, but one showed up. That's a start. Even though it was only one person, I just did other things and didn't notice the player coming in, so I didn't say anything. Well, the player found the right place. I hope more than two will show this time. This time, I'll talk about the hangman-style puzzles. Each round consists of a puzzle to be solved. The category is shown only once at first reveal, BUT it can be requested by typing !cat in the channel. The first player to post the required number of correct answers to a question in the first part will get an opportunity to guess a letter in the puzzle. If the puzzle has the letter, it's revealed in the puzzle, and then that player will pick the category and level for the next question. I must caution that vowels guessed will cost the player 250 points AND deduct 500 more from the puzzle's point value. Players can then submit guesses to the puzzle until the next question is asked. Whoever gets the puzzle right will get points. Bonus points are awarded if the puzzle is spelled correctly or matches exactly, including any punctuation marks. The next round will begin with the selection of a new puzzle. If the puzzle takes too long to solve, a speed round will occur to solve the puzzle quickly. Finally, here's a sample question, picked completely at random: New Testament: Which of the four gospels has the story of John the Baptist's announcement and birth? (FYI: This is a level three question, which is implied multiple choice but not given.) The answer will be given at the beginning of the game, and players that arrive when the game starts will get an opportunity to answer and get points if correct. This is in addition to the on-time bonus of 1,000 points.
  7. A game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles starts tonight at 5:30 PM Pacific or when two or more people show up. The game takes place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Please ask questions if there is any problems trying to connect or even how to connect. Each question has a total of 60 to 90 seconds to answer, depending on number of required answers. A question is split into two parts. The first part is 25 to 35 seconds, and players get one line to submit as many answers as required. Whoever gets the correct answer(s) gets points, and the first player to post all correct answers gets control and an opportunity to guess a letter in the puzzle. If no one gets the question right, the point value cuts in half, and a second 35 to 55 seconds is given for players to post as many lines as possible until someone gets all answers right or until the buzzer sounds, whichever comes first. Control and letter guess opportunity is not given if anyone gets it right.
  8. I'm going to try something different. I'm going to try for a game tonight at 5 to 7 PM Pacific, 8 to 10 PM Eastern if two or more people show up. The game takes place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. This time, I'm going to go over a part of how the game is played. The main part of the game is, of course, answering trivia questions. Solving puzzles is a chance for players to earn extra points, and I think it makes it more fun. One aspect of the game is that players will choose the category and level of the questions. Why? Gives them . . . control, I guess. I'm not sure why, but that's the way it's been done, even when I had the game back in the 1990's. The game has six categories: Bible, Book of Mormon, Church History, New Testament, Old Testament, Wild, and random (?). The Bible category has New Testament and Old Testament questions. Some questions may not fit to either testaments but both. Wild questions are questions that deal with the church but do not fit the other categories. The random category is a pick from the other categories. Random is not counted as a category. The questions have eight levels. Well, nine if you count random. The levels are a type of question asked, not its point value. Levels one through four require one correct answer; levels five and six require two; and levels seven and eight require three. Some questions are multiple choice (one, two, five, and seven), while others are not (three, four, six, and eight). Now, I'm going to ask a level eight question as an example: "Book of Mormon: Which three of five books has one chapter?" This one is probably an easy one, but I won't post the answer here. Whoever comes to play the game will not only get the answer but can actually submit an answer before the game starts. Whoever is right gets the question's point value. I'm also not going to mark it as used. I hope to see you there. Since school starts Thursday, I will only be able to offer games on Sundays.
  9. If two people or more show up by around 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern Sunday evening, a game will take place. The game takes place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. If there are any questions or problems, please ask here.
  10. RooTheMormon

    What People Misinterpret About Mormons

    We Have No Respect for the LGBT community: We believe that God loves ALL his children no matter what. We only dont agree with LGBTs because God created a man and a women for a reason: to create life! Without this, He could not grow His kingdom. Gays are to be respected, but Heavenly Father wants union between a man and a women, because family is one of the most important things to mormons. We dont drink alcohol: Ive seen a lot of people look at LDS members odd when they turn down a beer. But why dont we drink? Alcohol is not good for our bodies. It can be addictive and harmful. Our body is a temple, and our Heavenly Father wants us to take care of our bodies, and provide them with nurishing foods. Alcohol can damage our bodies and do bad things to our minds. So if you ever have a mormon turn down a drink, maybe you should consider doing the same. We are not trying to be rude, we just want whats best for our minds and bodies. We are too restricted: There are a lot of topics, conversations, and words you wouldnt want to use or bring up around a mormon. Some people find us as very restricted people, because we have so many rules. But if you really think about it, we dont have these rules to make life boring or to make us feel like we have no freedom, it is to protect us. Each and everyday as we try to be like Jesus, we must try to have a clean mind and body like Jesus. As we choose not to watch bad movies or listen to bad movies or to swear or to be dirty or vulgar, we are protecting ourselves and others. Think of it this way: we are all on a path leading back to our Heavenly Father. The Holy Ghost is our flashlight to help us see in the dark. The scriptures are the map. And so on. When we have a clean mind, the path is clearer and easier to follow. When we have dirty minds, the path is hard to see, and often rocky and challenging to walk. Whether you are LDS or not, it is always better to have a clean mind! Everyday I see stereotypes that people set for mormons. I think that in order to judge a mormon by their actions, you should better know why we do what we are doing. If you know why, things generally make a bit more sense. These are only a few of the typical LDS labels. Can you name a few? I am not saying everyone does this or anything. Just putting my thoughts out there. Heavenly Father loves everyone no matter what, and dont you ever forget that!
  11. I just want to preface this by saying that I'm 29 years old and I still live with my mother. I'm trying to make the freelance art thing work without becoming a starving artist, so, it is easier to pay rent to my mother rather than getting a place on my own. I just started going back to church 6 months ago and I have been trying to help my family, namely, my 3 younger siblings, have some stability and religion in their lives. We have scripture study every night of the week and we just started family home evenings on Mondays. Well, my mother, although somewhat supportive, is a lapsed member. She drinks beer recreationally, used to smoke but now vapes, and has sex outside of marriage. She has divorced my step dad and was dating and engaged to a hunter for about 3 years. He never moved into our house but she would often spend nights over at his house, leaving my 12 and 16, and 17 year old siblings in my care. Well, he dumped her recently, for the better, I thought, because he didn't treat her very nicely 20% of the time. She was so crushed for a while that she had to leave us for a week to go to a friends house several hours away, again, leaving the kids to my care. Now, a month later, she appears happier but invites men over for the weekends while the boys visit their father's house. She's not interested in dating right now but just in having fun and to her that means drinking and having sex with men she barely knows. My sister is going through a rough time right now. 16 years old, she is mentally and emotionally stunted(not diagnosed, she just falls a little behind what you'd expect of someone her age, maturity-wise) and is having hormonal issues. She won't talk to anybody about it, everything is "fine" and yet she gives her teachers depressing notes, wanders out of church and school activities, is curt and short with us as a family, and spends hours in her room doing what, nobody knows. Very bottled up and yet vacant and mercurial when you talk to her. She is on birth control to help even out the testosterone in her body but all it seems to be doing is confusing her emotionally, like the two hormones are warring within her. So, after getting a call from school this past Friday about some of these issues from my sister's counselor, my mother is making plans to go to the doctor and change what he's got her on and get her in to see someone for therapy. I remember being like that as a teenager, having dark thoughts and dark fantasies and being hormonally and emotionally in turmoil. I did some crazy stuff before I was set on a correct path with the help of medication and therapy at the time. My mother just informed me about her secret plans to leave this Friday to fly out west to meet up with a guy she's been talking to for about a month online. She knew him when she was in the service but they started talking again recently, when she and her ex broke up. She'll be gone until Tuesday not this week but next week. She thinks I mean to keep her chained up here by asking that she stay at this time. She knows my sister's issues but says she'll be fine and that there's not much she(my mother) can do while here, minimizing the effect of her presence here as a stabilizing effect on our household. She's not completely wild or off the rails, mind you, her presence here keeping us all grounded and focused. I have a problem with being critical and catastrophizing. I have a problem with being judgemental and projecting. I feel like something bad is going to happen. My normal support system that does not include her is a bit scattered right now so I am the one in charge and responsible while she is away. The boys will be at their dads but my sister will be home with me. And Monday they come home and go to school from here. I just need some support right now. I feel like this is a lot of personal information but I'm a little lost at the moment. I feel like it's not ever going to get better. I try to set an example, I try to do service with love in my heart but I feel like I'm being used. Like I'm a crutch and so long as I'm here, she'll use me as an excuse to go off and have fun and not be here. I feel like I should leave, move out...but then I feel like the children here will suffer because she's not going to do scripture study with them and they love and depend on me so much. I can't say anything because I'm then being judgemental and she'd be resentful and cruel if she were forced to stay, not just this weekend, but to take responsibility for her personal life period. Like most of Heavenly Father's lessons to me, I feel like He puts me in situations and circumstances to change something within me. But I'm struggling against this. I need to remember how to show charity and love, without being critical or judgemental. I just can't wrap my head around this perspective shift. How do I get there? Because to me, love is not letting someone hurt themselves and telling them not to do something that you know will hurt them. I'm trying to trust in Heavenly Father and this burden He has placed upon me and trying to find the lesson in it all. I know I am needed here and I know I'm being selfish making it all about how hard this thing is for ME. I guess, I just wanted to hear someone remind me of that, to tell me about being steadfast, to offer some different perspective on charity and loving a non-member family member even when they do things that are frustrating. Because I love her so much and I know I need to change to love her better and love her more. Just any advice on what I could be doing better, a new way to look at this, some way to feel pumped and motivated about my capabilities as a force for good and a responsible adult, would be much appreciated.
  12. Hello there all! I have been so frustrated lately with an issue I have been having with my garmets and I would like to know if anyone else has had this issue and has found a solution. I have been getting extremely bad rashes on my armpits from my garmets for the last little while. I started with carinessa, then changed to cotton-poly. The problem is when these rashes get really bad I dont wear my garmets to bed for a night and I wake up and it is better. I hate not wearing my garmets but I really don't know where to go from here the rash is so painful. Any recommendations because I'm desperate
  13. chelseacurranauthor

    Divorce and the Eternal Perspective in the LDS Church

    In January I submitted an article to Meridian Magazine at titled Divorce and the Eternal Perspective in the LDS Church. Recently I looked through the comments and noticed most agreed it was very uplifting, and one...not so much. I didn't take offense at all. I know very well people have different perspectives and appreciate a certain voice when it comes to advice and comfort. My voice can only reach so far, but I'm hoping it reaches a bit further by posting it here.
  14. chelseacurranauthor

    LDS Romance Novels and Why We Love Them!

    My name is Chelsea Curran and I'm a newly published author! My first book "Unseen Road to Love" comes out April 11th, and I wanted to have the chance to connect with all my fellow LDS romance readers about the books we love so much, and why they make our hearts sing. I'm a young single adult and spent the last six years trying to figure out the ins and outs of love. At 18, my parents decided to divorce. It wasn't messy, but it struck a raw nerve that forced me to see that growing up, the evidence of their love wasn't consistently present, especially later in their marriage. It was when my mother had agreed with the quote, "Love is what's leftover after the passion and the romance dies" that I wondered if love was even worth pursing. My parents were grieving over so much emotional heartache that it left me with very little hope for myself. At the time I wasn't much of a reader besides enjoying the "Harry Potter series" or "Twilight", and my friends took it upon themselves to introduce me to the wonderful world of LDS literature. Over the past six years, I've read roughly 450 romance novels. Most LDS, others Christian themed or morally based. During this time of intense romantic study, I gained the perspective of literally dozens of authors and their take on what love is truly about. It's one thing to watch a movie where actors portray a feeling on behalf of the writer, but it's another to dive deeply into the thoughts of someone who truly believe love does exist and can be found. Over time, I started gaining my own dating experience and began to apply what was real and what was fantasy based on what I read. What's amazing is that I was able to relate to LDS romances, not just for the obvious reasons, but because each story contains a certain amount of realism in love. If anybody knows of Anita Stansfield, then they know her content contains a lot of trials that people overcome not just in love, but in life. They are stories that people can relate to, such as dealing with divorce, infidelity, death, illness, etc., specifically in the church. These topics are disheartening, but real and allow people to feel a certain empathy in a situation where they lack emotional support. What's even better is that she applies gospel teachings in a realistic example to show how people can heal from it. Of course there others that are just plain fun and put a comedic twist on issues that are my entire life. Living in the single's ward, my lifestyle is every bit as cheesy, dramatic, complicated and awesome as the books are. Finally, I was able to relate to something in bigger ways than "Twilight". Not to bag on "Twilight" but I think you know what I'm talking about. Overtime, as I obtained my own philosophies and writing skills from education and observation, I decided to write my own novel. Gradually I gained more experience in life, refining my ways in how to deal a good story, but more importantly, I learned how to tell a real story directed to the hearts of people who feel the things as I do. I didn't have a big voice growing up, but this was my chance to say something that I learned from all my fellow authors out there. LOVE IS REAL AND ITS FANTASTIC...IF YOU WORK FOR IT. As a teen, I had little hope for it as I blossomed into adulthood, but I had authors willing to share their voice, who gave me what I needed to move forward with confidence and understanding in finding someone to experience it with. I wanted the chance to do the same for others, and so I wrote a story inspired by real events and people who have changed my life for the better. Cedar Fort Publishing felt I did just that! If you want to know more, check out my website or search my LDS romance novel "Unseen Road to Love" on Amazon, available for preorder. My friend and I also have a web show on YouTube called "Words on the Rocks" where we talk about dating in the singles ward and even reenact the awkward dating stories people send us. So tell me...what is your favorite LDS romance novel, and why?
  15. Timpanogos88

    LDS/Mormon Fictional Aspergers Book

    I have Asperger's Syndrome and I am LDS/Mormon too. I have written and published a book called The Greensons. It is about a fictional LDS/Mormon family that has a daughter with Asperger's Syndrome. Here is the link to it if you are interested:
  16. a mustard seed

    Plan of Salvation Cards

    I'm helping my aunt with girl's camp this year and one of her lessons/activities has to do with the plan of salvation. You know those card kits missionaries sometimes carry around, very simplified pictures on them to show the plan and they either come in a folder or on a ring to keep them together? well, when looking it up on Google, we found a set by LDSTools that was pretty cool that was all circles. Going from big to small, the cards fit together like a ripple and come apart as their own free moving circles of different sizes. The kit was 1. a little pricey for a girl's camp handout and 2. a little too detailed to keep as a black and white scan for the girls to color on their own. So, we decided to do the circle idea and make the designs our own. The girls will color them and we'll laminate them and cut them out and the girls can have their own sets to take home or give to missionaries or whatever. Here are my designs for that. Just wanted to share this with you guys. I know, I spelt Terrestrial wrong. I'll have to redo that one.
  17. I am frustrated. I just spent the last 2 hours going through the admission process for 3 different "LDS dating sites" only to find out that certain crucial aspects of the process(you know, receiving and answering messages, uploading profile pictures, finding matches, etc.) require payment. I do not want to pay $9.99 for a month-long service. I live in a rural area and I do not have access to too many wholesome men as it is as the singles ward is farther away than I can reasonably drive. Do any of you know of a dating service or site that encourages people of the LDS faith to get together that is free to use? Or have any suggestions for how to find someone? All we have around here by way of recreation are bars(nope), country clubs(nope), and...other churches. I already intend to pray about this but I felt like just looking online and trying to get this rusty wagon wheel turning again with conversations with people of like minds, you know? My biggest mistake with my last marriage was that we were both not very strong to start out with and when times grew tough as far as spiritually, we couldn't look to each other for that strength and neither one of us suggested that we might ask God for help. I went down some very dark roads after that and although I know I cannot depend totally on another person for my testimony, it is my ideal to find someone with similar values so that we can offer each other an example and strength in the spirit, when we need it. I think because of how passionately I feel about the church it'd be best to find a Mormon guy. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I am open to hearing them.
  18. a mustard seed

    Once I Was a Beehive (2015)

    I just finished watching Once I Was a Beehive and that had to be the cutest thing ever! I really enjoyed this movie a lot! I think a great deal of my appreciation for the film comes from my own experiences at Girls Camp as a teenager. I wasn’t really serious about the church until I was a Laurel(16 and 17) and I started going to seminary for the last 3 years of high school. Before that, I was a bit goth with my head always in a fantasy novel, so, I wasn’t really interested in “camping” or being outdoors. It always seemed like my Young Womens leaders convinced me to go and for my first 3 years in Young Womens I attended Girls Camp each summer. However, like most of my church obligations at that time, something I dragged my feet about usually ended up being something really uplifting and fun by the time I was finished. And this is definitely true for Girls Camp. So, I really empathize with Lane, the main character, and her experiences being persuaded to go camping with the Young Women but actually preferring to be somewhere else until the fun finally catches up to her. I just loved everything about this, although incredibly sappy, everyone felt real to me. There were some moments when we first meet certain characters that it feels a bit over-acted but then I remembered being a pretty rambunctious and obnoxious Young Woman myself. Young teenage girls can get pretty silly at times and I guess that those parts reminded me of my old interactions as well. But one thing that really stood out to me was that it was a really great story with everyone growing and learning lessons by the end. Nobody started out perfect and even the Young Womens leaders clashed and butted heads at times. In that way, it really captured the essence of “Mormonism” that despite pop culture and media portrayals, we’re still just people trying our best, just like everybody else. We’re not perfect and we still go through the same temptations and trials that everyone else on this earth does. I just really appreciated the intimacy of that portrayal and it made the characters a lot easier to connect with. Over all, a really great film, not overly preachy or harping on church doctrine. Like Lane, we get to experience an encounter with this church group of girls as outsiders, dipping our feet into this pool for a little bit. We get to know these teens, growing in fondness for them by the movie’s end, and we get to learn a bit about the Young Womens program and values through the activities they do. I recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet and you’re just looking for a coming of age story with some church leanings. If you’ve seen it, what did you think of the film? Was there anything you liked in particular? Was there anything you had a problem with?
  19. a mustard seed

    Favorite church songs!

    Hey, so, coming back to church has been an exciting venture in many respects but especially with the re-acquisition of music I remember I used to love. I'm trying to accumulate a playlist for myself of the songs that I remember liking and really enjoy now. "Love One Another" "I Stand All Amazed" "Because I Have Been Given Much" "Scripture Power" "How Great Thou Art" "Army of Helaman" "Gethsemane" "A Child's Prayer" "Born is the Light of the World" "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" "He Sent His Son" "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" "Teach Me To Walk in the Light" "Keep the Commandments" "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" I go to the Susquehanna Branch and Priesthood Restoration Site for church and the past 2 years(I think; could be longer), the sister missionaries who were called to serve there all happened to be musically inclined and musically trained. So, very often, on Sundays, or for firesides and holidays, the 10-12 sisters would sing music for the congregation. I got to enjoy this in the 4 months I've been back, so, a couple of these might not necessarily be hymns. But you can kind of sense a trend in my tastes. Very upbeat or very deep lyrics. Some of these songs tend to be a lot of people's favorites. I wanted to find more through suggestions by people or to just talk about music in church in general. What are your favorite church songs? They can be hymns, primary songs, lds created songs, old music, newer music, anything! Edit: Adding to my list: "Be Still My Soul" "Did You Think To Pray" "There's Sunshine In My Soul" "I Love to See the Temple" "Book of Mormon Stories" "As I Search the Holy Scriptures" "Called to Serve" "How Firm a Foundation"
  20. a mustard seed

    BoM Central Art Competition 2017 Look what I found on Facebook! Being a painter, I'm really excited about this and I'm probably going to go ahead and submit soon as I figure out what I want to paint for it. ^^; I'm not sure if we have any other artists here but I wanted to post this to encourage others to participate if they so wish. I put up the link for the website and page for more information about it. Check out last years winners! Those are gorgeous!
  21. Hello! My name pretty much everywhere on the internet is Jethco. I don't know why I hadn't found this forum earlier but better late than never, eh? I found it due to an older thread from 2009 that was full of chit-chat and speculation about what curemoms and cumoms could possibly be identified as today. We read Ether 9 tonight in family scripture study and I was interested to see what the world had come up with for curremoms and cumoms. My interests include furthering my doctrinal knowledge through healthy conversation with other people. In the real world I'm studying to be a commercial pilot, I served a full-time mission in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission; the best mission in the world , I married a beautiful Colombian woman in 2013 who is now 11 weeks pregnant with our first baby, and life is getting pretty interesting all of a sudden. Lol. I'm pretty much an open book. Like most people, I like to share my opinion with people and tell my story. I also love to hear about other people and compare how life's experiences can sculpt each one of us differently. On that note I'm a little bit of an anthropologist at heart and a super-novice linguist having learned Spanish on my mission. I would love to learn more languages. I find the differences and similarities fascinating! I'm currently living in Bakersfield, CA but being raised an Air Force brat I've seen my fair share of moving trucks and we haven't planted firm roots quite yet.
  22. I'm a nevermo from a background where I was exposed to many LDS friends (outside of idaho, utah, or arizona, no less). I've met with missionaries multiple times and read/prayed about the BOM, but never received any spiritual confirmation or feelings on the matter. I do, however, have a weird, random affinity with the WoW. Whenever I have gone to sacrament meetings, it's always brought up, even if it wasn't a planned subject. It's common for me to go to church and hear, "We were going to talk about X, but stuff happened so we're talking about the WOW today." My lifestyle is pretty opposite to the Wow, other than my appreciation of bread. I'm addicted to coffee (have at least 2 strong cups a day), I like a beer or glass of wine to unwind after work, legally smoke cannabis to get sleep, and every year or two partake in illegal party drugs and smoke cigarettes. I was reflecting on my health and the direction it was going, and thought it would be a great idea to try following the WoW to the letter for a month for non-spiritual reasons, then seeing how I feel. This would include things like using meat sparingly (I was thinking of being vegetarian at home, but eating some meat during holiday get-togethers and extended family dinners) , incorporating more seasonal veggies and fruits I wouldn't otherwise eat, and the "classic" no alcohol/coffee/tea/drugs. Are there any suggestions or "words of wisdom" you might have for me before I start? How do you feel about a non-LDS person living the WoW?
  23. I recently had a daughter and ever since have been thinking about donating my eggs to help others conceive for many of my own reasons. I understand the churches stance on egg donation, but one thing I have not been able to find is information about sealing in this case. My husband, daughter, and I plan on being sealed soon, but what happens if the eggs I donate end up becoming full term pregnancies and end in a successful birth? Genetically these children would be related to me. So my question is, would these children end up also being sealed to me since they are technically mine? I plan on speaking with my bishop Sunday, but wanted thoughts first. I am for sure about donating, except for my question about being sealed.
  24. Growing up in an Evanglical-Pentecostal church, I loved hearing conversion stories. Christians who had left some dead, false spirituality for new life in Christ were thrilling to hear from. They might talk about hypocrisy, or meaningless rituals, or realizing that what they had been doing was empty and unfulfilling. I imagine that LDS often have these same stories to share. In the past couple of weeks the seriousness of such stories hit me hard. A dear friend and fellow clergy has resigned his calling, and is converting to Catholicism. While I agree with the decades-old assessment (on the Catholic side) that we are really just "separated brethren," it still hurts. So, what I would appreciate reading are posts from those who have converted from another faith. Of course, you should bear your testimony. However, to the extent that is comfortable on an internet forum, it would help to hear about the struggles over doctrine, over close ones who are still in the former religions who feel betrayed, etc. What I realize is that conversion is seldom short, sweet, and without heartache. For those brave souls willing, I really hope to learn from your stories.
  25. Here is an article that was posted on my wall from the following URL. The title click baits with the following statement, "LDS Family's Viral Photo Shows "Angelic" Figure in a Fire Near Their Cabin" Are these post harmful, helpful, or a mixture of both. Perspective. I remember when I was first home from my mission, and my desire to increase in knowledge induced incorrect experiences. One day I served in the temple, endowment sessions, within the stars I saw animals. My heart at first jumped and I thought the Lord was giving me a special vision. The next time I went to the temple, an abashed and silly mind realized, "Well, darn it, it was just part of the temple video." (LOL) The lesson I learned is what has already been taught by prophets, that spiritual experiences (which aren't spiritual in the least) can be forced and we open ourselves to possible deceptions. I have been far more cautious in my spiritual learning since then. In light of that experience, I believe this type of show isn't helpful, but harmful. The helpful part would be simply to state a prayer was said, and our cabin was spared. Telling everyone an angel spared our cabin and I have proof with a photo that is obscure appears to be more harmful rather than helpful (e.g. Nessie the Lockness monster). The picture shows a fireman to the right of the picture. The supposed angel is even farther than the fireman, which means according to perspective, that the angel should be even smaller than the fireman, not double his size. We know that resurrected beings are individuals who have lived upon this earth, and according to revealed doctrine that angels who serve this earth have either lived or will live upon this earth. The supposed angel, a human, is double the size of the fireman, meaning that is what heck of a tall angle (human, either resurrected or a spirit of the just). Wouldn't it be better that we stick with the simple, God answered a prayer rather than subjective image that is probably a tree in the background?