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  1. Has anyone on here done one of these? I've been searching around and can find heaps on the Mesoamerican tours but I'd love to see the Middle East side of the Book of Mormon but would like to hear from someone that's been on one. The are a couple of places offering tours this year. Any thoughts/experiences/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi im a religious studies uni student and have some questions about Morminism What would you say is the most important quality for a person to poses to be? Seen as good in God eyes? What does the title elder signify within the Mormon religion? How does a person become an elder within the Mormon religion? Do you believe that it is possible for atheists to gain salvation provided that they have tried to live a good and moral life despite the fact they reject the existence of God? Do you view the Mormon church as being a part of Christianity, or a separate and distinct religious faith? Within my research I have come across the term the sons of perdition, to whom or what does this term refer? Outside of the three Mormon kingdoms of heaven is said to be an outer darkness to which the sons of perdition will be sent, is this outer darkness similar to other accounts of hell or something else? As a practicing Mormon does America hold any spiritual or religious value? Polygamy despite being opposed by the Mormon Church since 1890 is still practiced within some communities who still claim to be Mormon, despite the churches practice excommunicating those who have been found to practice it. What is your view of this issue?
  3. Guest

    Searching here..

    I am Filipino Catholic living at the middle of the city here in the Philippines. I would like to know more about LDS and become part of you someday. If I could spend the rest of my life learning about Jesus Christ that would be so much gift from God if He let this happen. Please of someone could help me, here is my contact [Removed]. You may also reach me from my company im working with, here is the number [Removed]. Please help me find you.
  4. Hi, I am Jon Clark (a.ka. Honest Jon) an LDS cartoonist published in the New Era, Meridian Magazine (starting next week), and other LDS-ish outlets. I am hoping to spread the word about my cartoons by joining this site though I'm not a creature of blogging or chatting. So I guess I'll do what I do best and leave you with a cartoon...See more @ HONEST JON Thanks!! Jon
  5. My Name is thomas i just found this place love it here here is my youtube page YouTube - theldssaint's Channel i would love to meat new people i live in st Augustine Florida.
  6. "Banned" Mormon Cartoon: Anti-Mormon Tactics Exposed! Videos » LDS Mormon Network I think it's important for members to be aware and prepared to deal with anti-Mormon tactics. It is only by being exposed to it, that we can know how to confront it. Unfortunately, many members are overcome by doubt created by ridiculous propaganda like "The God Makers." For this reason, many members treat anti-Mormon literature like pornography, calling it evil and encouraging everyone to steer clear of it completely. I think there must be a happy medium, though...moderation in reading it and careful self-examination and prayer after being exposed to it. I think that people can slowly build up an immunity to it. They can then become empowered to react correctly to it without losing faith in Mormonism. Personally, I have overcome anti-Mormon-generated doubt by simply focusing on the innumerable positives that have come from my membership in the church, all the spiritual experiences I have had throughout my life, and all the wonderful and amazing people in the church that I have interacted with. In the end, I feel I am a more powerful instrument in the Lord's hands because of my ability to compare and contrast the negativity of anti-Mormonism and the beauty of Mormonism. What do you think? I'm sincerely interested in hearing your thoughts. Regards, DefendingMormonism
  7. I was recently introduced to the Mormon church through a good friend of mine recently. Not knowing that they were Mormon's my wife to be and I were invited to church with them. Having grown up in the CM&A and planning on planting a new church roots in the local Bapist church I was always willing to goto church with someone. After the church service my wife to be and I were totally shocked. At what we had just heard, that being said...I attempted to keep an open mind and not knowing much I started to do some research on the Mormon and LDS churches. As I learned more I became quite troubled.... Basically my question boils down to this... How does the LDS church resolve conflicts between it's beliefs and what the Bible teaches us. If one accepts the Bible as the Word of God, when teachings of the church conflict with the Bible both can't be right, therefore I am curious as to how the church reconciles it's beliefs with the Word of God. I do have quite a list of issues my research has lead me to believe is conflicting so I am willing to discuss them one by one... Therefore lets start with the first one in Genesis. How can the Mormon church believe that if Adam & Eve hadn't sinned and committed the first sin, and therefore the fall of man kind we wouldn't be here today ? When that's CLEARLY not what the Bible teaches ?
  8. Is it okay if I talk about a site I made for lds teens?.. if it isn't then remove this thread. I made a site back in 2008 it got 36 memebers but everyone stop getting on it.. so now in 2010 I got back on it and started working on it.. I added more things do it etc. I was wondering if some of the teens from would like to join and be memebers and post and just get on and use it. It would mean a lot, I made this site so youh in our church will get to know one another. let me Introduce myself a little better. I'm 16 years old will be 17 on May 31st, my name is Michael and I'm teaching myself German, writing a book on ww2, I love going to youth cons, efy's, best of efy, church I love being a memeber of this church. I got a big family I'm the 3rd oldest out of 7. got a stronge testiomy, is very friendly. want to know more just ask. here s the url Endure To The End
  9. I just posted my new video on demonstrable evidence for the reformed Egyptian script of the Book of Mormon Here: I also have other vids on reformed Egyptian that are quite instructive. Hey, that's what I am told man, I am only passin the word along......
  10. I’m just curious what Mormon religious leaders (bishops and the like) and/or missionaries think about bad spirits, or maybe even ghosts? I’m not 100% sure weather “ghosts” exist (although I have experienced some VERY creepy things). But I KNOW there are evil spirits. So if a home is having trouble with unpleasant spirits, what does the church do? Do they perform blessings in the home, or on a person? Do they take any kind of action against it? Or do they prefer people just ignore it to smother it out? I really don’t hear a whole lot about this with LDS, so I was just curious. That’s pretty much the majority of my question. But for those who are interested in ghost stories, below, I will post the more specific reasons for wanting answers to this question, via my own personal experiences. Most of these things happened in my grandmother’s house, as it usually does. There are always lots of problems there, these stories are very common occurrences: Incident #1 (1999)-- I was staying at my grandma’s house one summer (on my mom‘s side), when I was 18. Several of her grandchildren live with her, because their parents were in jail. Grandma told me she was going to go pick up the kids from school. I said “ok”. I sat there waiting alone in the large, old, 2-story, 4-bedroom house. I was on the couch in the living room, watching TV. My only company was the family dog Cody (a large, brown pit bull mix), who was laying at my feet. Suddenly, I heard a loud thump coming from upstairs. I muted the TV, and listened. Then I heard distinct, heavy footsteps walking down the upstairs hallway (which is just above the living room). Cody heard it too-- he jolted upright and looked toward the top of the stairs. I heard one of the bedroom doors creek… So I thought somebody might be up there. I was kinda scared, but I ventured upstairs to check. I searched the rooms (closets, under the beds), checked all the window locks, etc. NOTHING. All was secure. So I went back downstairs and resumed my seat on the couch, Cody once again sitting at my feet. But this time, he wouldn’t relax… He was tense, sitting upright, and staring at the top of the stairs. Then he started growling, low and rumbly. He made his way toward the stairs very slowly, his back hairs raised. When he reached the bottom step, he paused, barking and snarling viciously! Again, I muted the TV and yelled out “HELLO??” ….. Then I heard BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! All the upstairs bedroom doors had slammed shut hard, one after the other. I completely freaked! Cody whimpered and ran over to me, and hid behind me. So I grabbed his collar and ran out of the house, probably faster than I‘ve ever run before. I sat on the curb outside the driveway, and didn’t go back in until grandma got back with the kids. It wasn’t the first time something like that happened, and to this day, I refuse to be alone in that house. I didn't tell grandma about it though, because she thinks spiritual stuff is just rediculous. Which is why nobody has ever been called in to bless the house, she probably wouldn't go for it. Incident #2 (1999)-- This happened a few months before the above incident. My cousin Nichole and I were at my grandma’s house. Grandma had taken the younger kids to Marine World, so me and Nichole were alone. We were in the back yard, by the pool. Nichole was practicing tricks on her skateboard, on the cement. I was relaxing on the white wicker patio furniture. Suddenly we heard a very loud, low, male voice yell out, “NICHOLE!” from the window at the top of the staircase. We both turned to look and we saw a very tall, very thin man standing in the window. He wore a black coat with a white under shirt. He had black hair and a mustache. Nichole and I looked at each other and I said, “Did you see that??” She said yes, and described the same thing I saw. We looked back up again, but there was nothing there. Now, keep in mind, this man’s head was way up at the top of the window, and it’s a LONG window! A person would have to be nearly 8 feet tall for their head to be that far up the window. We both ran inside, to see if someone was there. We checked around, but there was nobody. It really freaked us out. Incident #3 (1995)-- This happened when I was 14 years old. It was mid-August. Me and my 3 cousins (all a few years younger than me) were helping out with cleaning grandma’s house. I was not an active member at this time, and none of my cousins had ever been to church, much less read any bible. Our grandma asked us to sort through some of the junk in the old chest in the back closet, and throw out anything that was broken or useless. So there we were, going through a few old items, when we ran across an old Ouija board. It was still in the cardboard box, along with the curser. We took it out and decided to play around with it. We sat in a circle around it, gently resting our fingers on the curser. I didn’t actually touch it, because I didn’t want to be accused of moving it. We had this silly little “concentrating” moment, and then we asked it if there were any spirits in the room, and the curser pointed to “yes”. So we asked a few more questions: Are you someone we used to know?-- No. Did you pass away recently?-- No. Are there any messages you have for loved ones? -- No. Have you ever been alive on earth before?-- No. Are you an older spirit?-- Yes. Are you an angel, or a messenger of god?-- No. Where are you from? -- G-E-H-E-N-N-A I wrote the letters down on a piece of paper, and since none of us had ever heard of such a place before, we assumed it was either a silly nonsense word, or one of us must have been messing around. At the time, my dad and I lived in the same town. After I went home, I told my dad what we did, and he looked at me like he was disappointed. He went to bible college, and he is very religious (a baptized member, but not active). He knows a lot about the bible, and is very spiritual and liberal-minded. But he does not approve of stuff like that. Right away, he told me “You shouldn’t be playing around with those things.” Well, I told my dad about all the questions we asked and the responses. Then I told him about the name of the supposed location we were given… He looked at me kind of puzzled and asked, “Wait a minute… How was it spelled?” I showed him the piece of paper I wrote it down on. He looked at me like he was concerned. I shrugged and said, “What??”. He stood up, walked over to the end table, opened the drawer and pulled out our Bible. He flipped to the “concordance” as he called it, and looked around for a minute. Then he walked over and laid the book in my lap, pointing to the word “Gehenna”. Basically, one of its definitions was another name for ‘hell’. I looked at dad kinda freaked out, and he told me, “Like I said, you shouldn’t be playing around with those things. Don‘t do that again.” And I haven’t. I’m just saying, I think something is up in that house. If people get out of there, they are peaceful, happy, friendly…. But when they go in that house, they fight and yell constantly, and say the meanest things. Even get physical.
  11. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am 39 and live in Provo Utah. I am a convert to the church and am starting up another mormon site at MormonJive - Powered by vBulletin
  12. Hey y'all, I hope this touches you the way it touches me! YouTube - blur documentary trailer - no distance left to run :lol::lol:
  13. Hello I want everyone to know that I changed my blog address from to Thanks
  14. Very interesting and heated: EEEKonomy: A Mormon Temple for the Desert Skyline? (Discussion)
  15. hi. i have been a member of the church for almost a year. after attending a MGF meeting at my stake center last night i have joined this site. even though i spend a lot of time online i have always tried to avoid the whole myspace, facebook, blogging thing. so i am unfamiliar with what's expected here. working on my profile, so far i have only done my conversion story. hopefully i can figure out how to get some music and videos up there. any suggestions, please let me know. link to my ebay site: eBay Store - clearoutmybasement: Crash Sheets, Parts LIst diag., Ford Lincoln Mercury, Service Repair Manuals
  16. Hi I'm new here. I'm living in the Michiana area now near the boarder of Indiana and Michigan. In 1999 I sold everything I owned so I could move to Orem where I went to Orem Insitute of Religion all day long every day for a year. I received my ecclisiastical endorsement from the LDS church to enter the Army as a Chaplain. The concept of an LDS chaplain is not well known in the LDS church but they do exist. A chaplains job is to minister to all persons in the unit, military, hospital, jail, police station or where every they may be. So regardless of the peoples faith we must minister to them where they are at. I was slated to go into the Army as a chaplain and had the endoresment form the church but I ended up getting a divorce and full custody of my children. So with the responsiblity of raising my children alone I moved near family back in the Michiana area. I wrote a book about the experience called Confessions of a Mormon Minister: Professionally Qualified as Clergy and Endorsed for the Military Chaplaincy by the LDS Church It is now on Amazon at Confessions of a Mormon Minister: Professionally Qualified as Clergy and Endorsed for the Military Chaplaincy by the LDS Church (9781448627684): George Blake: Books I miss being in the Orem Institute of Religion all day every day. It was the most spiritual place I have ever been (other than the temple). My personal web page is George Blake | Niles, Michigan | Author, Writer, Director, Consultant Thanks George
  17. Hey, I was wondering if anyone else on here played on XboxLive? If so, please post your Gamer tag. Mine`s LDSJonesE
  18. Hi, My name is Donna and I am a student at CSU San Marcos. I am currently working on a group project for my ID class: Explorations of Community Diversity. My group chose to focus on Mormons. I am working on "Misconceptions and Myth Busters of the Church". If anyone is willing to participate in an "cyber" interview. Please respond to the thread or email me at [email protected]. During the "interview", I will be giving you a "rumor" about the Mormon church such as "Mormons are not allowed to drink soda" or "You have to wear Mormon underwear for life" then you will counter that. Thanks!!!
  19. Hey everyone! My name is Shaun. I'm working on a website called My Mormon Culture So far it just has lots of widgets but they're all relevant and fun. I think you'll enjoy! I made the site to help fund my college tuition as I can use every cent I can get. I just got the site online yesterday so it's still a very new site, but I'd appreciate it if you all gave it a look and maybe even bookmark it. Check back often for new items! Thank you much and enjoy!
  20. I've been chatting over with two missionaries from London. I was lucky to be talking to a person named Phillip from London, and also his friend Katie. It's good because I'm able to keep contact with the same people who know where I'm at, what I'm thinking, what's going on in my life, etc etc. Thought I'd share some of our conversation with you all; Conversation with Katie, Member of LDS Church, on Tuesday 30 September 8.30-9.30pm and Continued conversation with Katie (those links are just to my blog) They've been a great help, and I urge anyone reading this who hasn't yet talked with Missionaries (either in their area or online) to do so. It's well worth it. :) It's wonderful to feel there's someone thousands of miles way who actually cares about you, and wants to help you out, and so forth.
  21. Yesterday (Saturday) was an amazing day. I woke up at 3:30 AM... met someone at the church to drop off my car, hopped in theirs, and began the 2 1/2 hour trip to the temple on the other side of the island. He was my escort for my first time, and it was great having that time to learn a little more about him and prepare myself for what was going to happen. Of course I won't go into detail on any of this, but it was seriously one of the most spiritually edifying experiences of my life. I wish they had initiatory sessions as often as they do endowment sessions... I was only able to do that once (for myself) and I can't wait to go again as proxy for one who passed on. In preparation for that day, a lot of people were telling me things like "Don't bother trying to remember anything because it's so confusing the first time around..." or saying that I might think it's weird the first time, which really got me worried. To my relief, they were all wrong. Yes, it was a little more than I could memorize the first time around, but everyone was there to help and it was just great. I didn't get a lot of the symbolism when I first went, but today when I was sitting in church a few things came to me... and I understood the meaning behind them. After the first session, I was able to be proxy for a few people in a sealing, which was fantastic. I wish I could go back tomorrow and do it all again. After the sealing I was about to leave because my escort had to make the trip back home, but one of my friends showed up in the men's dressing room and said he was going into a session and that he would take me home, so I went again! All I can say is "wow". I've just been thinking about it ever since then. I leave on my mission in less than 3 weeks (August 15th) but hopefully I'll have a few more chances to go while I'm still here. I can't wait to go every week when I get to the MTC... that sounds fantastic. Another thing people were wrong about.... garments are not uncomfortable. They're actually more comfortable than my usual boxers, so it's not a bad change at all (except it's pretty humid here and wearing the undershirt makes things pretty warm... not that I'll ever be taking it off for that reason, though). Just thought I'd share my experience.......................... and man, the celestial room is so..... pure. It's so unusual having my mind that clear. Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend. I'll remember mine for the rest of my life.
  22. You might be interested in knowing that there's a new Christian ecumenical board starting up. It looks promising for good people of all faiths.