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Found 1 result

  1. I don't have a blog, so when I want to share something you guys just get to deal with it :). A while back I wrote a post about how as I read through the Bible as a youth, I discover that it was hundreds of rated R pages of people messing up again and again. Before this, the people in scripture kind of wore superman capes in my eyes (you know over-glossy-hero-idolizing). But as I read the Bible, I discovered that even the greatest prophets made mistakes just like me. And it is through the power of God everyone of us learns and grows, even through our mistakes. The prophets and all lost their superman capes. This weekend I was reflecting back on that thought train and realized I was missing something. Because I didn’t find just flawed human beings in the scriptures, also I found God. Christ Himself came down and walked among us. He showed us the way: teaching us through word and deed. And through His sacrifice, He understands everything we could go through, and gave us a way to conquer it all: our mistakes, our trails, our flawed selves. Christ: He’s the real Superman. This week is/was Easter, a time to think of Christ’s atonement and all it means. Christ is the great physician: one whom heals the wounds so wonderfully that not even a scar remains. Through Him we grow, we learn, we are healed. Christ doesn’t just heal the mistakes in our lives, He heals the entirety of our lives- our flaws, our hopes, our loves. He makes us complete: He makes us perfect like Him. Christ wants to share everything that He has, everything He is. He wants us to share in His perfection. In the scriptures, when a Lord wants to share everything with his heir, even a prodigal one, the Lord gives the heir his garment. God wants to share everything with us- even his garment. Christ—He wants to share his Superman cape with me. Wow… I know this is just one little dorky analogy I came up with but…. Wow, how underserving I can be of His so perfect love. Today, I write this standing all amazing, confused at the grace so freely He proffers me. Trembling I cry at how much He did for me, confused at a love so deep I cannot comprehend. Lord, how great art thou?