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Found 1 result

  1. With protests in many cities around the US I wonder if protesters will ever recognize the real problem. It is not Donald Trump and all he has said (as bad as it is). The fundamental problem is that over time we have allowed one person to have such power over us. On his word alone the country can go to war, he can issue executive orders effecting 100's of millions, and he can even tell store owners who is allowed in their bathrooms. A recent article I read said it so well: Unfortunately, I don't think the protesters will see that power is the problem. I suspect nothing will curb the power of the President or this National government short of internal conflict, if even that does. Instead, the left will try and elect someone who can "stand up" to the right. In return the right will try and enforce their will, and the real loser in this game will be our personal freedom. Am I just pessimistic? Does anyone ever see the possibility that the President, Congress, or this machine we call government will lessen it's hold over us?