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Found 4 results

  1. There's a part of me that is deeply saddened. Ministers, deacons, and other clergy--and most likely bishops, home teachers, etc., as well, will have to resign their callings because they gave into the lure of sinful sexual encounters via a supposedly secure website. Similarly, there is an organization called The Clergy Project that aims to help religious leaders who no longer believe in God to transition out of spiritual service. On the LDS side, most here are well aware that there are organizations that aim to help LDS do the same (some Evangelical, others secular). What to make of these incidents? Besides sadness, part of me feels anger. How dare Satan and his minions target God's choice servants?! Then again, of course they do. And, here's the rub: If you engage in sexual immorality, or if you do not believe in God (or the church's doctrine), it is time to leave. Christian churches have ways and means of offering restoration/reconciliation, should that be sought out. However, step one is honesty. Such folk must leave. As believers what are we to do with this news? Pessimism? Cynicism? The better path would be to fall to our knees and intercede on behalf of those who lead us.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm in need of some advice. In the past few months I have struggled with a few things concerning morality. My boyfriend and I had done somethings that I know we shouldn't have, and I've been dealing with working up the courage to set up an appointment with my bishop knowing it was something that I needed to meet with him, which I have finally done. We've since broken up and have stopped engaging ourselves in actions of sexual sin but I'm feeling a little anxious about what's going to happen. Up until this point I've never felt the need to confess any of my minor sins to a bishop. I've gone through the repentance process on my own previously but I know this time seeing him will be necessary. Can anyone give me any idea of what to expect? How much detail will I need to tell him? How severe will my disciplinary action be? Any words of advice?
  3. Is touching a girl's breasts and butt immoral? We aren't married or engaged. What is crossing the line in a relationship?
  4. I got a handjob from a girl. I am a priest. What will by bishop say, besides "goodbye Temple recommend?"