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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Haven't been posting too much because I'm dealing with stuff here, but I have a condition called Dysthymia, which is a form of depression. Have had this all my life (over 40 years), here's a link to a description of what it is: Dysthymia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anyway, here's why I'm posting. I have medical insurance that will not cover mental health care aside from meds (which I am on) and I can't afford counseling at $80+ per hour. There are no support groups here. Does the church have any programs to help work through this kind of stuff or am I just on my own? The couple of people who know about this just basically tell me to pray, put on a happy face, and get on with it. I've been doing just that since I was 14 and it doesn't work. I'm concerned the condition is going into major depression and anxiety again and eventually I'm thinking it will win out. It hasn't yet, but things seem to be headed that way. I'm thinking talk therapy might help but as I've spent 2 months looking for something I can afford or some sort of free help/support group and finding none, that's not likely to happen. Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks! -Lynn