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Found 2 results

  1. I recently stumbled across Emergency Dehydrated Food, emergency food, disaster food, preparedness food, storage food, and survival food. and thought it was too good to be true. They are selling vacuum sealed dehydrated food in pales for a really reasonable price. I bought one pale that has 500 meals of lentil soup for $65 and another pale that has rice dinners (I think it tastes comparable to Hamburger Helper) 228 Meals for $100. I was shocked at the price and shocked again by how good it tastes. Anyways, I was excited, so I thought I would share a link.
  2. Having labored for years without pay in the field of energy education, the doors are opened for me to work for a time in my area of greatest passion; Energy and Education. I started blogging actively in 2006; to promote after-school mentoring programs in the area which is most essential to our temporal salvation; to learn and teach about energy development...Those who control energy control the people who need it. This principle, along with my desire to share our faith has led me to the ends of the earth, looking for active learners in this field of clean energy and clean water development; the labors are best accomplished by experienced contractors in each region, around the world. I have learned for myself the power of Elder Ballard's challenge for US to Join the Conversations, through online discussions and member forums. Having first connected with More Good Foundation Home Page on YouTube, I was an early advocate of helping those with disabilities to share their testimonies on videos. I have recently become involved in radio discussions at BlogTalkRadio; hosted by Alternative Energy dot Com As our influence as LDS pioneers is greatly enhanced when we join the good works of others who share similar concerns for clean air and clean water; or Stewards of the Earth, we can learn how to use our skills and the gifts of the Spirit to unite people to accomplish greater works in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ, whose coming/return will be heralded by the leaders of nations, and will be awaited with joy by those who never considered Christ as their Redeemer. Thanks to those who have made this forum into an international place of gathering. I now invite you to COME and SEE the power of internet radio to carry our message to other nations in every language and tongue!