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Found 4 results

  1. I recently returned from my mission, after serving about 7 months. It was an amazing experience, but due to mental health and personal worthiness issues, it was decided that I needed to go home. I have now been home for over a month and am about a month away from being able to have my stake president start the process of allowing me to return. I have a couple questions and would love input/advice: (1) I served in a foreign country and am deeply concerned I won''t be able to return. Does anyone know of experiences of early returned missionaries who returned to the field? (2) If I do return, how do I explain my return to fellow missionaries? They all have been emailing me, but I've kind of avoided to topic, and I'm sure they will ask. (3) Anything else you may find is helpful
  2. All right, I don't know if any of you can help, but there was a missionary that served in my ward. He recently finished his two years and will be going home. I want to find a way to contact him, but all I know is his last name and the country he is from. Do you have any ideas on how to find him? I was thinking I could just use his, but I believe you need to know the first name to do [email protected]. I know his kind of sounds pathetic. He was just really cool, and I want to stay in touch! Please help if you can! Thank you!
  3. I'm a recently returned missionary...i'm 23, and about to head off to school for my last semester before I graduate with my bachelors degree. Life after that seemed to be a big, scary, question mark, until I talked to some family members, friends, and bishop who all just told me to not fear the future, but to go out into the big world and have an adventure and find out who I am. The only problem I've come across are my parents. I got into an argument with my mom last night...the first one i've had in years. She wants me to come home after I graduate and live here. She's completely alone all day, and all 4 of my siblings live far away in different states, and they don't call very often. My parents argue often, and I just don't feel happy at home. They've also moved from my hometown to a small town where I don't know anyone and i'm not familiar with the area. I have no desire whatsoever to come back here...I feel miserable. But when I try to express my feelings to my mother, it turns into an argument. She's frustrated because her children have all left her, and they don't come home to visit or call as often as she would like. She accused me of hating her and being a selfish person..."after all that she's done for me." It's true though. My mom HAS done so much for me! I feel like a horrible person, and I don't know what to do. I want to go and live on my own, but I feel guilty for trying to start my own life and not moving back into my parent's i'm abandoning them for my own selfish motives of having a fresh start. I'm honestly not sure who's right, and i'm not searching for a pity party. I just need someone to talk some sense into me and help me figure out if what i'm deciding is completely selfish, and if it isn' can I help my mom understand when she doesn't want to?
  4. Hi there, do you know (Returned) Missionary Tom/Tomas/Thomas Putna/um? Tom served in the Green Beret before coming on his mission, his home state was Arizona, US I am an inactive member trying to contact Tom Putnam who served in the Christchurch New Zealand Mission in 1983-85. My husband John and I were living in Christchurch and Tom served in our area. We got to know Tom really well, and Elder Dewey was his companion was at the time that we got to know Tom. We would really love to hear from Tom and his family and spend some time reliving the memories that we had. Tom, if you read this please get in touch with us as you have always been in our thoughts through the years. We now have 5 kids who have lives of their own (Desmond was only a few days old when you and your companion knocked on our door one rainy and stormy night, both you and Elder Dewey were clad in sou'wester gear and looked like a couple of drowned rats) and we have 3 grandchildren. Hoping to hear from you sometime soon Tom Love from Bro John and Sis Heather Low