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Found 2 results

  1. I mean this all with the most respect possible. I have had very strong promptings since I was 18 that I needed to be going to the temple and receive my endowments. My bishop was brought to tears, having felt the confirming feeling of the spirit. He knows that I would not have made this request to go if I had not indeed been prompted to. When I was 18, the stake president said he wouldn't even talk to me until my 19th birthday. After turning 19, I'd become a little gun shy about the whole thing, and even shoved it aside from my mind, figuring I had just misinterpreted inspiration and feeling the heat of embarrassment. It wasn't until after conference that I had decided to pray about it again. I was overwhelmed by the love behind the confirmation. My bishopric, the lot of them, all feel quite strongly that I need to be there, and they are cheering me on. The stake president has yet to call me or accept an appointment though. My question has multiple parts; The first, if I truly hadn't been ready to enter the temple, the bishop would have suggested I wait or work on something first. But he didn't. He knows that now is my time, and he has had many meetings pleading for my sake with the SP. Shouldn't the bishop's call hold some weight with the SP? Second, shouldn't he at LEAST allow me the opportunity to be interviewed? He has never met me, never spoken a word to me. At this point, he isn't denying me based on readiness or worthiness, but my age exclusively. I understand fully that the temple is a very sacred place, where sacred and very serious covenants are entered. I would never want to rush it or jump in before I was ready. And I have prayed and fasted and agonized over this prompting, time and time again. I have dug my heels into the ground, reasoning why I shouldn't go there and explaining to myself how I must be mistaken. But the answer is clear. I know it, the bishop knows it, my close friends can see it, and most importantly, Heavenly Father knows that now I am ready. Does anyone have any advice on this at all, similar experiences, words of comfort?
  2. Im 18 years old and a month,but we can go at 18 now in the uk. I had my interview with the S.P 8 weeks ago . 2 weeks later Salt lake had mixed my papers up with someone elses and I got asked questions which were for the other guy but that got cleared up after about a week. So my papers have still been in for a for a very long time and they have still not been assigned. When I asked the bishop to message them to check up they did not respond and the stake president tells me to be patient they will come. This however seems really annoying as people who put their papers in 3 weeks ago have their calls. I feel that they have been lost and I have no idea of what to do?. I dont want to get a job incase the call comes and I have to quit within a week of starting and I cannot go back to school because the year has started. Is there anyone else who had to wait long or has had a mix up / still waiting for their papers?