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Found 4 results

  1. So end of July I get married to an amazing man. I wish I had an idealized body for him to enjoy, which I don't; stress has me eating things I normally would not, and my current knee sprain injury is making workouts difficult to nonexistent; I am nervous about becoming a stepmom to his wonderful kids; I fear not having enough money in the future, a fear I've had most of my life; I'm ADHD and organizing all the details and remembering everything to be done is dreadfully challenging for me; part of me wanted to elope and avoid all the planning and prep work; we will be moving out-of-state the day after the wedding, and trimming away unnecessary things is hard, knowing what to take and what to let go; I'm doing my parents' remodel's finish work, and I still have base boards, back splash, refinish the deck, caulking, and touch up painting to do; currently out of Claritin-D; my wedding plans by default cannot be finalized until my fiance and I receive a clearance letter for his first sealing. The stress and anxiety feels borderline paralyzing at times. Any words of wisdom, talks, articles, scriptures, mantras ?
  2. Hello All. Recently I find myself getting far to worked up over certain issues of politics, and religion when someone has strong opinions contrary and often somewhat antagonistic to my own. It seems like the internal calm I used to maintain is easily turned into a raging fire lately. I am a firm believer is sharing differing beliefs, thoughts, ideas, world views, and experiences. How do you find that you keep yourself from getting engulfed in the misery others seem to enjoy spreading? How has applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ helped you?
  3. A new study shows that children of heterosexual parents do better. It factors out the typical reasons offered (bullying, adoption, etc.), and suggests that the primary factor is a child's biological connection to both parents. Of course, this is impossible when the couple are same-sex.
  4. Hi all, I'm fairly new here. I just have a question for some of you out there. I have a hard time going to church because I very much dislike socializing with people. I feel so much pressure to be chatty and perky that I sometimes over-act and misrepresent myself as a super nice and fun guy. (Then I find myself sorry later when Im invited to chat church over an awkward dinner.) I'm not mean at all, and I occasionally like a conversation or two when it's not about church life or culture, but sometimes I skip out on church because I can't handle the stress of having to talk to anyone. I guess it's also worth saying that I am easily overstimulated by lights, noise, etc and besides the mall at Christmastime, church is the second worst place to be for me! I know the concept of a "ward family" is important, but what can I do when "getting to know you" seems against my very nature? I readily help people move or clean, etc. because it doesn't involve me having to chat, just to do. I try to show my support of them this way, but I'm anxious to hit the road when then the post-move pizza comes out. This stinks! Any thoughts?