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Found 2 results

  1. The church recommends that one parent should stay home and raise the kids. Traditionally that is the woman's role, and men go out and work all day and come home to happier home because she's been there. What do you do when it's the wife that desperately wants to work, and the husband hates the job she wishes she could have? Is it okay for the wife to be the bread-winner while the husband stays home? Especially if she's really not a very nurturing person, doesn't understand children and is pretty depressed because she has nothing to do all day but clean? While the husband is the oldest of 11 kids, totally gets children, and comes home stressed out and angry because he hates his job? We just got into a fight because we are disagreeing on this issue, but have no solutions.
  2. Just to recap again, I was inactive from ages 12 to 28. And I’ve noticed that most (ok, at least 75%) of the women in my ward are homemakers. So the below questions are for both the men and the women: What are the expectations of LDS women as far as working a job goes? Not that being a homemaker isn’t work, especially when you have 2 or more kids. The old “sitting around eating bon bons all day” joke is indeed just that-- a joke! Lol. I’m basically just asking, as far as both LDS couples are concerned, and the church itself-- are women expected/encouraged to work? Or be a homemaker? If you are a husband, or a single man, what do you (or would you) expect of your wife in this? If you’re a wife, what do you feel your husband expects of you, and what would you prefer to do? For either side, does it depend weather or not you have kids? Just trying to get a more recent view on this subject.