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Found 6 results

  1. So I know that the law of consecration is something that is something that we covenant in the temple to keep along with the law of obedience and law of sacrifice... and I believe that in some ways they are kept... and yet I feel like as a whole we are still so far from living the full law. I have recently read Approaching Zion by Hugh Nibley and he very clearly describes how we should be living if we want to be creating a zion-like society in the present. Basically we are all in one degree or another keeping one foot in Babylon (the world) and one in Zion. It is very difficult for us to literally give up all that we have and follow Christ. Give up all that we have and give it to the poor. D&C 49 19 For, behold, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and that which cometh of the earth, is ordained for the use of man for food and for raiment, and that he might have in abundance. 20 But it is not given that one man should possess that which is above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin. At what point do we as members of the church, of our own free will, go to the bishop and say "I want to give the the Lord (through the church) everything I have with the promise that my needs will be met."? From what I understand, either we choose willingly to live this law to the fullest or D&C 105: 5 And Zion cannot be built up unless it is by the principles of the law of the celestial kingdom; otherwise I cannot receive her unto myself. 6 And my people must needs be chastened until they learn obedience, if it must needs be, by the things which they suffer. I would prefer to not suffer if possible through my own faithfulness and preparation. Besides, the blessings from it can't be measured. I would love it if making money to make a living wasn't such a daily focus. I would love to still work hard for my needs but be able to stimulate my mind with the remaining time. Gaining knowledge (of eternal truths) is what saves us and helps us become like God.
  2. Everyone faces challenges. Some challenges can be tough to overcome. While the Spirit of Zion can be built on any hill or in any valley, the true mission of the Church can not be fully realized without resting on a firm Home Teaching foundation... not only do I believe that... it is supported by HT data. Home Teaching efforts strengthen a ward in every possible way. A lack of Home Teaching efforts degrade a ward in every possible way. Home teaching is a priesthood responsibility of teachers, priests, and Melchizedek Priesthood holders. Home teachers “visit the house of each member, exhorting them to pray vocally and in secret and attend to all family duties” (D&C 20:51). They are assigned to families and individuals to “watch over … and be with and strengthen them” (D&C 20:53). They “warn, expound, exhort, and teach, and invite all to come unto Christ” (D&C 20:59). Where possible, home teachers visit members in their homes at least monthly. Home teachers may also find other meaningful ways to watch over and strengthen the families they are assigned...they may render service to the families or contact family members by mail or telephone. Home teachers represent the Lord, the bishop, and quorum or group leaders. HT'ers consult with the head of the household about the family’s needs and about ways to be most helpful. Home teachers become acquainted with family members’ interests and needs and recognize special events in their lives. ... home teachers help parents ensure that their children are blessed, baptized, and confirmed. They help parents ensure their sons have the Aaronic Priesthood and Melchizedek Priesthood conferred upon them and are ordained to priesthood at the appropriate ages. Home teachers help members strengthen their faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and encourage them to make and keep sacred covenants. This service is especially important to new members and less-active members. .
  3. There will come a time when the Brethren will call some people to go to Zion. There are Saints who live there now. Do they have an advantage over the rest of us? What might happen to someone who, on his own, decides to pull up stakes and buy a lot in downtown Independence, or in Far West, or somewhere else near the Center Stake? Lehi
  4. Lot's of scriptures speak of one heart, one mind, etc. But I find it quite obvious that there are many whose minds and hearts are simply not one with mine (I'm looking at you, you know who you are). And yet, we both claim to be adherents of the gospel. Discuss.
  5. I am trying to find a couple quotes an I was wondering if there was someone here that could help me. Here they are: 1. There is a quote, that is attributed to an early Church leader, possibly Brigham Young, that goes something like this: The day that the Church is accepted by the world, that we know that we aren't doing what we should as Saints. 2. A quote by Joseph Smith that talks about the ultimate purpose of the Church on the Earth is to establish Zion. This has been true of every other dispensation as well. If someone could give me the exact quotes for these and give me a reference I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. No, really. see: [Moderator removed link] Hi! I'm Jesse! A convert of 41 years. My family were Baptists and I come from a long line of protestant ministers in the South. Missionaries were trying to be led by the Spirit and stopped at our home in the middle of the block. Even at age 7, I could tell the missionaries had something our family desperately needed (the Holy Spirit!). When the missionaries popped the big question, I came up out of my chair (by then I was 8) and said, "Say, 'Yes', Mom! Say 'Yes', Dad!" and they did. Although the Gospel didn't save my parent's marriage, it did provide stability and strength to us through the divorce and the years afterwards. I served a mission to Germany, attended BYU, married a wonderful angel from Arizona, have 5 kids - all but one have left the coop. I just became a 2nd degree grandfather. Made the mistake of believing Joseph and Brigham when they said we should have building Zion as our primary objective. I'm not one of those who believes the convenient excuse that we'll build Zion once Jesus comes. I think he just might wait until we get serious about it. So, I've been fairly disappointed in my fellow LDS and their buying into Babylon hook, line and sinker and who generally have no interesting in actually building Zion. (Babylon is just too much fun!) Why is it OK for LDS to spend all day every day building and working in Babylonian businesses, but we think we have to have permission from the Brethren to build Zion? Makes no sense. Whatever happened to "many good things of their own free will"? So, not wanting to abandon the dream myself, I've spent the last 36 years gathering more Zion-like ways of organizing society socially, politically and economically. There have been, and are, some pretty impressive experiments in that direction. So, seeing how the American socio-economic system appears to be approaching a crisis point, thought now might be a good time to start recruiting those serious about moving towards Zion. Talk is cheap - action is what counts. Hence, the video: [Moderator Removed Link]