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Found 3 results

  1. A recent visitor posted multiple questions that were obviously off of some Anti-Mormon website or literature. The knee jerk reaction was "Oh Boy! Here's another anti-Mormon troll." I'll admit it. I thought it too. As a result many of our responses were less than Christ-Like. What if we were wrong? What if we were right? Is this the right way to respond? Maybe he is just a gruff person that treats everyone like that. Maybe the written word is just not his medium. Maybe he's just in a bad mood. Maybe he is just in a hurry to get right to the point without all the political correctness. Maybe the elevator just doesn't go up to the top floor. Maybe ... a hundred other things. What is the best way to respond? Well, we have the ability to at least ask the first question that should be asked: Why do you ask? then -- Where did you hear that?. Basically, we can get some background so we can first seek to understand, then seek to be understood. Absent that, I believe we can learn a lesson from "Gramps". In that link, I believe it was clear to all that this questioner was nothing but belligerent. Yet the first sentence in his response is: You are undoubtedly sincere in your questioning. What I witnessed in the recent "festivities" was a bashing session worthy of the media - provoked RNC cage match. What did it accomplish? It added fuel to his fire that All Mormons are just get defensive when you ask them "tough" questions. I know. I was a part of it too. And I'm sorry I was. I was even thinking that the first screen such questions should go through is to ask PC to address it first, then go from there. Thoughts?
  2. This post is more of a shout for help than anything else. I've been a member my entire life, I'm an RM, and I used to have the most sincere and committed testimony you could imagine. I accidently ran across what has been deemed "anti-Mormon" literature over several months ago. My first exposure got to my curiousity and I began to pursue the subject matter even more. It has rocked my testimony. I won't get into any details of what I read, this post is simply a broad disclosure of stating that I came across anti literature. I'm really struggling now with trying to have faith in our church. Does any one on here have a similar experience of reading this stuff and still having faith in the divinity of the church? I could really use some encouragement and answers. I'm a man, and very much a logical person. I would appreciate something outside of "pray to feel the spirit" response. I would have died for this church on my mission because my testimony was so rock solid. Now I really battle internally to trust in any of this. All answers are welcome. Thank you!
  3. "Banned" Mormon Cartoon: Anti-Mormon Tactics Exposed! Videos ยป LDS Mormon Network I think it's important for members to be aware and prepared to deal with anti-Mormon tactics. It is only by being exposed to it, that we can know how to confront it. Unfortunately, many members are overcome by doubt created by ridiculous propaganda like "The God Makers." For this reason, many members treat anti-Mormon literature like pornography, calling it evil and encouraging everyone to steer clear of it completely. I think there must be a happy medium, though...moderation in reading it and careful self-examination and prayer after being exposed to it. I think that people can slowly build up an immunity to it. They can then become empowered to react correctly to it without losing faith in Mormonism. Personally, I have overcome anti-Mormon-generated doubt by simply focusing on the innumerable positives that have come from my membership in the church, all the spiritual experiences I have had throughout my life, and all the wonderful and amazing people in the church that I have interacted with. In the end, I feel I am a more powerful instrument in the Lord's hands because of my ability to compare and contrast the negativity of anti-Mormonism and the beauty of Mormonism. What do you think? I'm sincerely interested in hearing your thoughts. Regards, DefendingMormonism