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Found 2 results

  1. There is that which seeks to draw us out Out of our comfort zones And then which seeks to draw us in Shadow cast And sunlight dappled The forest steeped in green I love the gold-green of sun touched leaves Which lie darker in the shadows below And the soft rustle of leaves upon the breeze Aflutter on swaying boughs Mingled with the chirp and whistles of birds Which call from tree to tree It is here that I hear my God speak He who is natures God
  2. I know this is the wrong place for this, but I can't figure out where the blog sub-thread is, so Pam, Heather, or whomever please move this to the appropriate thread. If the whole post is inappropriate for this site, please delete the thread and reprimand me in whichever way you deem proper. (But please don't delete my account because I like it here!) <br><br> Mom knows that I'm active online, and so I'm trying to promote her new blog. I'll admit I'm a tad shameful about it, but I want to get the message out, because it makes me look like a hero. /blush. The blog covers travel, nail beauty (polish and such), and knitting. <br><br> This is a disclaimer that this blog is not written by an LDS woman, nor is it really following "lds standards". But I am LDS, and I follow LDS standards. So please help me out and at least check it out. Thanks! <br><br> Here is the link: <br><br> three things