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Found 1 result

  1. A recent visitor posted multiple questions that were obviously off of some Anti-Mormon website or literature. The knee jerk reaction was "Oh Boy! Here's another anti-Mormon troll." I'll admit it. I thought it too. As a result many of our responses were less than Christ-Like. What if we were wrong? What if we were right? Is this the right way to respond? Maybe he is just a gruff person that treats everyone like that. Maybe the written word is just not his medium. Maybe he's just in a bad mood. Maybe he is just in a hurry to get right to the point without all the political correctness. Maybe the elevator just doesn't go up to the top floor. Maybe ... a hundred other things. What is the best way to respond? Well, we have the ability to at least ask the first question that should be asked: Why do you ask? then -- Where did you hear that?. Basically, we can get some background so we can first seek to understand, then seek to be understood. Absent that, I believe we can learn a lesson from "Gramps". In that link, I believe it was clear to all that this questioner was nothing but belligerent. Yet the first sentence in his response is: You are undoubtedly sincere in your questioning. What I witnessed in the recent "festivities" was a bashing session worthy of the media - provoked RNC cage match. What did it accomplish? It added fuel to his fire that All Mormons are just get defensive when you ask them "tough" questions. I know. I was a part of it too. And I'm sorry I was. I was even thinking that the first screen such questions should go through is to ask PC to address it first, then go from there. Thoughts?