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Found 5 results

  1. The law of adoption was a ritual practiced in Latter Day Saint temples between 1846 and 1894 in which men who held the priesthood were sealed in a father–son relationship to other men who were not part of nor even distantly related to their immediate nuclear family. Placed in abeyance In a church general conference address on 8 April 1894, Wilford Woodruff stated that "I have not felt satisfied, nor has any man since the Prophet Joseph Smith who has attended to the ordinance of adoption in the temples of our God. We have felt there was more to be revealed on this subject than we have received … and the duty that I want every man who presides over a Temple to see performed from this day henceforth, unless the Lord Almighty commands otherwise, is let every man be adopted to his father." Thus, as of 1894, the practice of the law of adoption ceased in the LDS Church. Significance today There is no evidence to suggest that homosexual sex was involved as part of the original practice of the law of adoption in the 19th century. However, beginning in the 1970s, some members of Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons began to suggest that the leadership of the LDS Church should restore the law of adoption in order to allow same-sex couples to be sealed to each other in the temple in a kind of quasi-celestial marriage. It has been argued that this would preserve the primacy of heterosexual marriage but would allow an ecclesiastical equivalent of homosexual civil unions—a homosexual ecclesiastical union. The LDS Church did not respond directly to these suggestions, but continues to oppose homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage. The restoration of the law of adoption was implemented when some members of Affirmation in 1985 established the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ (commonly referred to as the "Gay Mormon Church") and the First Presidency of that church restored the law of adoption, citing it as the theological justification for their practice of homosexual celestial marriage. (source) *** OK, this is something I hadn't heard of before. Well, I'd heard of the Law of Adoption but not that it had/is being pushed as a type of civil union. Obviously that was not the original intent. Any thoughts on this?
  2. I have a friend that is questioning the church. We are discussing families being sealed together. He doesn't believe it's necessary, that he will be with his family automatically. About 14 years ago, our ward did a fireside/presentation about that. They put all the childrens names in a hat, and then one by one drew them out, indicating which child was to be sealed to their parents. What they didn't tell the "audience" was that they left one childs name out, to show the loneliness of not being sealed, but even they didn't know which one it was. It was a random draw. It turned out to be the younges child that wasn't picked. It was very emotional and made a strong point. Another ward did the same program a few years later so that leads me to believe that HOPEFULLY it was something written in maybe a New Era or by BYU and not just something they thought up. I feel strongly that I need to show this to him. Any ideas would be great. Thank you. :)
  3. I have been a member of the church my whole life. In my early 20s I strayed from the church and did not participate in church activities for a couple years. During that time I fell in love with a man and married him. Since we have been married I have started showing interest in returning to living a Christ-centered life and through constant prayer I have come to know a fullness in my heart that the church is true and that I want to strive to live my life according to Christ's example. I have become active in church and have a calling. Anyway, I have tried to share this with my husband. He comes to church sometimes, participates in my family's FHE, and he has talked with the missionaries. When he goes to church he seems to enjoy it while e is there. But when we come back home and go back to daily living he seems disinterested. He always tends to find something that he doesn't like about the church. He tries to argue with me sometimes and I don't want to fight. The missionaries have asked him to read the Book of Mormon with me and pray about it. He says he will then when they leave he doesn't want to and complains that they just want to baptize him. I don't think he prays about these things but lives day to day not wanting to focus on spiritual needs. I don't know where his head is at an he doesn't really tell me what he thinks, he just doesn't want to talk about it. We both share strong values about family. But he doesn't like the thought that without baptism and sealing he can't be with his family again, I told him that even of people don't accept the gospel in this life they can accept it in the next life. The both of us do not use alcohol nor tobacco or drugs. But we differ on thoughts of eternal marriage, living the gospel, prayer, scripture. His mother has taught him that he is perfect the way he is and doesn't need to change his ways for anyone or anything. I just don't believe that. I know that this life is a testing to learn from mistakes and constantly strive to become better. Lately my husband seems prideful and irreverent. I had been praying constantly everyday that he may be able to feel the spirit with him that he may become humble and kind. I know it's a process and I'm trying to be patient with him when he acts like this. I am just looking for advice. What can I do to help my home feel peaceful and happy? What can I do to help persuade my husband to find out the truth? I want to be with him I see his potential everyday and know that he is a child of God too. I hope one day that he will come around and we can marry in the temple, any advice please? Thank you
  4. My husband is not a member of the church, if he never accepts it in this life and passes away before me could I be sealed to him in the temple while I'm still living or would we both have to be deceased to have the opportunity to be sealed together?
  5. One of the most attractive LDS distinctive doctrines is that of Eternal Marriage. I even had a poster visit my page (who is this pentecostal prisonchaplain at anyway???), and that was the first question I was asked do believe families are forever, don't you? Most of you know that the rest of the Christian world, with a few anecdotal exceptions, does not believe that marriage relationships continue in the same manner, into eternity. Yes we will know each other, love each other, and treasure our relationships. But, no, we'll not continue as exclusive family units who reserve out best love and greatest allegiance only to our kin. For strong families with deep love, the doctrine of Eternal Marriage is undeniably appealing. Of course I want to spend eternity with the woman I love, and to have the undying allegiance of my kin, and the neverending mentorship of my parents. But, what of celibates? What of those who have been given the gift of celibacy? They sometimes dedicate their lives to difficult missions, and they serve the church with undivided focus. And, what of homosexuals who are able to remain faithful to the law of chasity, through celibacy, but who do not receive from God the desire for those of the opposite gender. Secular studies in this area remain sparse, but a recent Christian Today article suggests that those homosexuals who submit to faith-based "rehabilitation," have fair success at leaving "the lifestyle," (perhaps 40%+ success), and poor success at learning attraction to the opposite sex (low to mid-teens %, if I recall correctly). My guess is that the secular world would consider that report optimistic. I know...I know...more opportunities in the life to come. All of us believe that the life to come will indeed hold no disappointments. So, considering the high number of divorces, the highly publicized homosexual dilemma, and the persistent subculture of those who simply never marry, imho the promise of Eternal Marriage, for many, is no more promising than the traditional Christian promise of an eternity where the love we now experience will be so much greater, and the conventions of marriage, so essential here, will become completely superfluous. THOUGHTS?