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Found 4 results

  1. Am I crazy, or are the Temple Recommend Questions not on anywhere?
  2. Aside from posting genealogy queries on and I've never before posted anything online before due to a fear of "haters" and "trolls", but right now in my life I'm reaching out to faithful members of the church because I'm experience a serious faith crisis. I found out and read a news article about the polygamy essays when reading non-religious news on I quickly went to and ended up reading all of the eleven essays that have been published over the past year. I attended BYU and during my first semester (Fall 1987) I took a D&C class in which the professor told us that Joseph Smith married some of the wives of faithful brethren in order to test their faith. He told us that once the brother had passed the test of faith, Joseph "gave" the wife back. No one, including myself, asked any questions and we all avoided eye contact with the professor because he was very intimidating, spoke in a very loud voice, and had a fire and brimstone style. I found the information to be very disturbing, doubted its authenticity and never discussed it with anyone until I recently read it in one of the essays. I've served selflessly in the Church my entire life, only read church-approved sources, rarely miss reading the scriptures daily, have raised a righteous family, and genuinely love the how come I feel so let down about the Prophet Joseph? I feel like I don't really know him anymore and feel like I've been betrayed. What should I do to get my testimony back on track? I'm open to any suggestions and ask that mean people please don't attack me---I'm genuinely distraught and meanness right now will just make me trust even less than I already do.
  3. curiouscat

    blood atonement

    There is an article on Main Page - Mormonism, The Mormon Church, Beliefs, & Religion - MormonWiki (specifically at Blood Atonement - Mormonism, The Mormon Church, Beliefs, & Religion - MormonWiki) called "Blood Atonement" and it quoted a Church statement about blood atonement. Can someone direct me to the Church's original statement? All I can find is the Deseret News article about it. Shouldn't the Church have it on an official Church site?
  4. richman9

    Links to

    With the November 30 move to the new, many people have asked what to do with links to that they already have in blogs and on websites. The good news is that these links should redirect readers to the new The development team has made great efforts to redirect major pages (such as magazines, manuals, general conference talks, scriptures, gospel topics, and temple pages) from the old to the new If an old page on doesn’t have an equivalent page on the new, the page will still work for now. Hopefully, no links should return a Page Not Found error. If you find any such broken links, please let us know so the development team can update the logic in their redirects. These redirects should remain in place about a year, but will eventually be retired. Therefore, we invite you to update your links to the new URLs, which will remain in place long-term. Another reason to update to the new URLs is that they are “friendly,” meaning that they contain logic and key words which will enhance search engine optimization. For example, is the January 2010 issue of The Friend magazine is chapter 1 of the Gospel Principles manual titled “Our Father in Heaven” If your blog or website has links to content on, you should update these links to the new URLs. Since the development team has redirects in place, you can click on an existing link, and then copy the new URL that results from the redirect. Use that new URL as the link. Even though the old site is available at, we do not recommend creating any permanent links to These old pages may disappear at any time, and would create a Page Not Found error. For more information, see Links to | LDS Media Talk