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Found 2 results

  1. So, I've had a long spiritual journey. And I'm absolutely the last person you'd expect to be trying to become Mormon. In the last year, I was baptized Episcopal and have joined a very liberal and wonderful community. But I can't stop thinking about the LDS Church. For one, I am fascinated with their "plan of Salvation" and other teachings, that I find myself saying , "yeah, okay that makes sense." And I actually believe the gospel. I don't know if I believe that the Book of Mormon is literally true, but there is something special and divine about it. And yes, I do realize that the LDS Church isn't the best place for feminist and pro LGBTQ + people to find themselves in, but I am so drawn to it. I met with the missionaries last summer and had all the lessons, and was invited to be baptized. I declined, but I have been having dreams of baptism and converting to the church. But for those who read this and are part of the LDS Church, do you feel like there is a place for me and that I should work towards the Baptismal date I have set with the missionaries (which I have just met back up with this past week)? I know it's a completely different ballpark than what I'm used to, but I feel called to experience this spirit of peace, and to become a baptized member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Can someone tell me (in depth) what the baptismal service is like? What happens - if the jumpsuit is mandatory (do you wear it over your dress)? And what are your experiences of what it feels like? I really feel this is where I am called to be.
  2. I have been feeling sorry for this one girl in my church. I dont know if she "is" a member or what. But i see her every so often. I go up to her all the time and welcome her and tell her sit next me and we talk. When we do, she changes the subject but not on purpose (i think she has a mental disease, thats okay) she is like a child, doesn't understand some stuff, so i have to speak to her thruou the class releif society to explain some stuff to her. i see her on the streets all the time and i ponder in my head if i should visit teach her. she says shes a member, and been coming here to this building. she feels most comfortable here also. anyways i prayed and pondered again the other day to know if i should be a visiting teacher to her, i got a response saying i should be but the problem is she is in the other ward/time. i tried this before but wasnt sure, not that i got the complete answer yes i can be her visiting teacher, i can include her with the approval of her ward and my ward. so the question is you think i can use the visiting teaching message, use a picture that goes with that to teach her the lessons in the future? (since she has a hard time understanding stuff):)