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Found 6 results

  1. I'm looking for guidance or help or general support. My husband went through a life crisis about 4 years ago. A few really hard things happened on his life and he didn't handle it well. as a reaction, he claims he doesn't believe in God and has no faith. I married him in the temple. We both were strong, active returned missionaries. We both married agreeing on living a life in the Church. We have 3 kids, and my husband doesn't do anything with regards to church. He refuses to use his priesthood. He hasn't been to the temple in a few years. What do I do with this??? He is anti-God and claims he doesn't believe in Christ, the Atonement or anything to do with God.
  2. Today I heard a program in which Michael Medved said that 70% of all FIRST TIME marriages stay intact until the death of one of the couple. We've been told for at least 30 years that the figure was only 50%...a lie that conflates 2nd+ marriages with first ones, to create the false illusion that divorce is uber-normal, and probably inevitable. As we see marriage redefined, family increasingly treated as an unimportant, if not oppressive social construct, perhaps the best we can do is continue to enjoy our children, our spouses, and the special fulfillment we share as we grow together, bound by the love of our God. There is no arrogance here. Every day I am humbled by my wife and children. Their love and acceptance of me is amazing. Their reaction to my feeble efforts at husbanding and fathering are gracious (and merciful). I love them, and thank God for the honor He's given me to play my role. May the deposits we make, as an intact family, into our areas of influence lead many to look to and glorify God.
  3. I recently married a non-member. He has been taking the missionary discussions and has even set a goal date for baptism. I can't tell you how thrilled I am! However, he is struggling in keeping the Word of Wisdom. Some background on us. I grew up in the LDS church but fell away for a period of years. During this time, I met my now husband, and while I wasn't keeping the Word of Wisdom myself very well, I couldn't very well be hypocritical and ask him to work on his problems, which were much more addictive than mine. We recently moved to my home town which has brought so many blessings in our lives. I found the church again and my conviction to be the best me I can be and strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father has been stronger than it ever had been growing up. And thankfully, my wonderful husband has begun to find the truth for himself as well. The missionaries that are helping us are fantastic and supportive and have guided us both into a better place. My husband had problems with alcohol and tobacco addictions, as well as growing up drinking coffee and tea. He has given up coffee and tea, and quit drinking. However, he doesn't seem to be trying to quit tobacco at all, and last night, while we were out with coworkers of his, he drank multiple beers. He knows my stance on these matters and I don't want to be the one that deters him from baptism by pressuring him, or making him feel like he must choose between baptism or tobacco and alcohol. Ultimately, he must, but I'm worried an ultimatum like that might be too much. One is easy, and the other is not. I love this man so much, and seeing how far he has come is incredible. I want to be able to help him with this step as well. I'm just so worried it will come off as nagging and not supportive. I've asked the missionaries to go into further detail about the Word of Wisdom at our next appointment in hopes that will inspire him, but don't know what else to do besides pray and love him and encourage him to pray, go to church and help him feel the spirit. I'm wondering if there is more I could be doing. Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  4. My husband is a non member. He is out of town on visit and I asked him to go by the temple there to take pictures. He did and said that the Mormons there were rude. He has tattoos and felt as if they looked down upon him. He said he never wanted to go back. I said we'll those same people wouldn't be there if you went back there would be different people. Not all people are rude maybe just those couple you encountered. Anyway he got upset with me. He said I never defend him and don't think about his feelings and I always try to defend church over him. But in reality I feel like I try to see the best in all people and in all situations. I try to be positive and I was just trying to make him feel better. All in all it didn't change his thoughts. He got aggravated with me and hung up the phone. Now he won't talk to me and I don't know if I should just leave him be or what do I say? I don't feel like I need to apologize for anything... I don't want things like this to put strains in my relationship in the future, should I just not say anything??
  5. My parents were sealed and married for 40 years before my mother passed away. One of her most emphatic requests was that while she knew my dad would remarry, that he not be sealed to anyone else. My father remarried a year and a half after her death and just 6 months into that marriage, his wife received permission to cancel her sealing to her first husband and to be sealed to my dad. Have any prophets spoken to the feelings/circumstances of the deceased spouse in instances like this?
  6. Even though I like to keep things light here, this one's pretty serious. A co-worker of mine is in an abusive relationship. I just realized it tonight, and it's pretty serious. She's only been working with me for about a month, though we aren't always on the same shift. I've already noticed bruises on her face and arms. The matter gets more serious, however because she's informed me that her husband thinks we're intimately associated. Not only is that 100% false, the very thought has never occured to me. She's great to work with, and it makes me frustrated because I want to be able to help her with this situation, but at the same time, I don't dare get too involved lest the husband sees something that he interprets as confirmation of his suspicions. I've already got the information on my cell for the local women's shelter in case she needs it (I've already prayed that it won't come to that...but real life carries on...). I guess I'm wondering what exactly the next step should be, or if I should just distance myself for now and hope things cool off for her. In a related matter....what's up with spousal abuse anyway? I know it's come up here before, but seriously...who in their right mind thinks that it's the best way to treat someone they claim to love?