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Found 2 results

  1. We discussed the reliability of fact checkers in a different string. Consensus seems to be that they are quite good...even mostly accurate. However, in mulling this over, that's not good enough. Why? Fact-checkers allow powerful media platforms to slant what they provide and then outsource blame when bias is exposed. See: The problems are: 1. Fact checkers simply make judgments and report their findings. 2. Sometimes they are biased, and those who use them seldom allow any recourse. 3. Entities like Facebook and Google are so prolific that even if their fact-checkers are 95% accurate, rogue evaluators can shut down voices without cause. The solution is to return to the free marketplace of ideas. Fire the fact checkers and let users decide for themselves what they will and will not believe. That might sound dangerous, but hey, I'm not 6. I don't need big corporate brother telling me what's true and false anymore than I need government doing so.
  2. I am obviously new and have enjoyed reading through some of the discussions that have been held in the past. I recently gave a talk on leadership and and a few questions came up in the preparation. I have since been thinking about it but haven't been able to find a prior discussion. How do people understand stewardship and the responsibility as leaders that we have for the choices of others. To me it is something that needs to be judged on a case by case basis and requires a perfect judge to understand the complexities of each situation. Regardless it is interesting to ponder on it and I feel it would be beneficial to have a better understanding. Overall my thoughts are: I feel it is just when we learn that the sins of the Lamanites will be answered by their parents who chose darkness for them. I wonder about suggestion by Jacob that part of the motivation for his efforts to teach the Gospel is so that there is no chance that he will be responsible for the sins of his people. I'm not asking at what point have I done enough, more is this something we should be regularly considering? Also where is the balance between letting people make their own mistakes and influencing them to choose the right?