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Found 4 results

  1. I've been reflecting upon the plan of salvation and how, as part of this, animals will be taking part in the resurrection. As we know, for mankind, there will be resurrection unto eternal life, and resurrection unto damnation. Salvation unto eternal life means eternal progression and an eternal increase. Damnation in this context will mean limited progression due to not attaining the highest degree of glory. Animals, on the other hand, seem to be locked into where they are as far as I can tell. Wouldn't this be damnation? Some additional thoughts I have on the topic are the idea that resurrection for animals seems troubling. As you recall, when Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, cherubim and a flaming sword were placed before the Tree of Life lest Adam and Eve partake of its fruit and "live forever in their sins." Again, this sounds akin to resurrection unto damnation, but would be immortality unto damnation. So would resurrecting a lower level of intelligence stop its progression? When humans were only intelligences, were we still different from animals, or are animals part of the progression? Lastly, I feel that one piece of the puzzle could be related to the beasts in the revelation of John. We learn in D&C that these beasts are not merely symbolic, but actual animals. Do animals maybe have a different path of progression than humans do, serving different roles in the kingdom than man? (Which wouldn't be far-fetched, considering that is the case in mortality.) I'm interested in your ideas and experience on this subject!
  2. Esteemed LDS, I find the core values outlined very interesting, though am very interested to learn about particular topics (and please forgive me for unlearnedness of these question as I am very new) ; *Perhaps most relevant to me, I am wondering if there is a stance/view on animals? I am a vegetarian and strongly believe in animal rights, and I know different faiths view this differently (for example some believe 'Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise' whereas some belive in 'human dominion over other species' and that animals exist 'altogether for our sakes'). Is there a LDS viewpoint or is it up to the individual? Is vegetarianism and belief in animal rights permissible? *Missionary - this is something which is written about a lot, however, I am painfully shy and have severe depression which impedes my poor social skills - so this means I could not be a member because I would be unable to fulfill missionary attributes? Or active missionary work is not a mandatory part and different ways of participating exist for people who are too shy? *"Modest appearance" - this one I also worry about - how precisely is this one defined? I would never wear immodest clothing skirts always go at least to ankles, etc, however, my hair is unnaturally dyed blue and purple and short in the back (Nina Hagen and Nightwish are examples of females who look "Punk" but are and have Christian values). Would my hair be frowned upon or it would be okay so long as I am conservative otherwise (which I assuredly am)? Thank you very much for your time.
  3. G'Day mates! IMLDSRU? I live in Central Queensland, Australia and as well as a testimony of the Gospel, I love animals and especially reptiles. I collect all sorts of things. I've been called a Magpie and told that if anything stands still long enough, I will collect it! I enjoy photography, reading, fishing, love the beach and am an Artist. I love making friends and who I 'appear' to be online, is exactly who I am in real life. I am just ME and don't know how to be anything, or anyone, else. My spiritual Goal for 2011 is to read the four standard works. So far I have read the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. I am up to section 84 of the Doctrine and Covenants and am leaving the Old Testament *shudder* until last as I am thinking it will be the most challenging part of completing my goal. My Temporal Goal is to save enough money (as well as do fundraising) to enable me to spend at least one month in Nepal late next year, as a volunteer in an Orphanage, or perhaps teaching English to children. I am currently studying Certificate 4 in Mental Health and employment would be good! Well, the thingy-majig said to introduce myself here as I am new, so there you have it folks! This is my introduction, so now it's over to you
  4. All right I thought I had read quotes about this years ago but I wanted to know if anyone could give me info quotes about the LDS stance on animals talking. We all know about Balaam's donkey. I am sure we are taught that animals can speak in the life after because of the four beasts in Revelation because they are praising, praying, and speaking to the Lord and to John. I believe Joseph Smith indicated that the four beasts were four actual noble beasts and shows that animals have intelligence and are capable of obtaining glory. There is also the situation concerning the serpent, but that's a bit controversial since we don't know if it was a literal serpent or just a symbol of Satan, even though I thought I read somewhere that Satan drew a number of serpents over to his side, can't remember where I read that. In Cleon Skousen's book the first 2000 years I thought he stated that the tongues of animals were confused at Babel just like the tongues of man, but he's known to have some pretty wild ideas. I was hoping to find some concrete teaching from Joseph Smith or other Church Leaders. Oh and this is not directly connected with the first part but I was wondering if someone could point me to an anecdote with Joseph Smith, with him meeting with some brethren and they were swatting flies or something like that, and he's says to them, "If you knew what I know you wouldn't do that." I wanted to know if that was accurate and if so were it could be found.