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Found 2 results

  1. Hey- so, I'm a Mormon and he's an Atheist- yes, we've been dating for several months now, going strong. However, we are struggling with the Law of Chasity- and unfortunately; we've crossed the line a couple of times. We need help- advice, anything and PLEASE don't say that I need to leave or run away from him; (especially if its because he's Atheist) because it wasn't just his fault; I am to blame to for this as well. Thanks.
  2. Oh dear, I truly am terribly sorry to bring such negativity in what seems to be an exceptionally bright and lively forum, however I'm afraid that my husband and I are quite lost. As devout members of the Mormon church, truly, our wishes have always lied in the saving of young souls, through although, recently, our son of fourteen years has declared himself as atheist, through a rather lengthy letter which described why he felt a disconnect towards the Mormon religion. Included within it, he mentioned that he felt as though our consistent Mormon outings were rather harmful to him, and the cause for his often sullen and irritable mood. Also mentioned, were several debunked pieces of Mormon evidence (such as Nahom, how joseph smith could have written the Book Of Mormon, the witnesses, ect.), as well as what he felt were logical flaws in the book of Mormon (linguistic troubles, "anachronisms", population, "impossible" events, ect.) . He fears that a continuation of his Mormon practices might result in terrible pain, however, my husband and I worry for his soul if we do not force him to attend the Mormon church, and believe in our religion. Would anyone happen to have any recommendations or advice?