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Found 2 results

  1. So, I was wondering, when would a bishop take away a temple recommend if you stopped going to church? Would he let you know? Or would you just visit the temple and when they scan it, "Oh, I'm sorry, it's not valid anymore. Go talk to your bishop."? What's happening: So, the week before the eclipse in August, I got my second job at the Super 8 hotel! Yay! So for the last month or so, I've been working 65 hours a week. Yahoo! Dollah, dollah bills, ya'll! But my job at the call center had me working one Sunday a month. And now, since all the old school gals at the Super 8 decided to be flakey as all get out lately and got theirselves fired today, my boss wants to make me her assistant and now I have to work Sundays, 9-1 there. Yaaayyyy.... And today, I changed my schedule at the call center because I need a day off sometime and Saturdays, the only shifts available are 8 hour shifts and I have to either work every Sunday OR work every Saturday and just one Sunday a month. ...So I chose Sunday. 3-8 because I work at the Super 8 9-2 basically every single day. My sacrament meeting starts at 1:30. Because of these shifting things going on, my attendance has been spotty. I went 2 weeks ago but then this last week was my "one Sunday" for the call center and so I went to a different ward, earlier in the day. But then I'm thinking, "My bishop probably doesn't know that." And I wasn't able to get done at Super 8 until too late today because of all"position changes" happening. My cousin gets married in the Idaho Falls temple October 7th and I'd really like to be able to go. I'm going to try to keep going, since my church building is actually positioned between my two jobs, I could make it for the hour for sacrament meeting. But it's a YSA ward in a college town and you have to schedule a meeting with the bishop in order to just sit down and talk with him. I was just wondering because he hasn't known me for longer than 2 months and I'm scared he'll think I'm inactive...because temporarily, I have been as I've been trying to sort juggling all the things. I just wanted to know how this sort of thing works, even though I know the most likely answer is that it is based on individual circumstances and the revelation he receives on how to deal with my specific circumstances. And yes, in b4 "talk to your bishop!"
  2. I grew up in the mission field, where "seat saving", whether it be for community parades or church, are unheard of. (And I'm very grateful). I spent many years living in Utah and being LDS myself I did enjoy being close to the church and its members. But one thing I will nber get used to (and my family members there agree) is the need that people feel there to "save seats". Am I the only one who feels its only fair that whoever uses his or her elbow grease to get up, get showered, ready their children and make their way there has the right to sit where he or she would like to sit? Why do we see hundreds of blankets, lawnchairs jackets and towels trying to keep the people who've made an effort to arrive in time from finding a place? This practice is not friendly to say the least. My entire family has refused to go to any local parade for years because of this. This is cause to grumble, sigh, and feel that people are taking unfair advantage of their neighbors. (Truth be told there is nothing stopping anybody to pick up the tarps and blankets put them to the side and make themselves comfy there) But it gets worse. I just asked my family who are still living in Utah whether or not hey we're going to attend Church today. No, I was told, we never go to stake conference any more because the people has started to go 4 hours early to save seats. ?!?!?? My older father who suffers chronic pain and given up attending stake conferences now because of this thoughtless competitive tradition. Could somebody please explain to me how this is seen as fair and acceptable in a land that I believe holds true and kind Christian people? This behavior is unheard of elsewhere. And makes people feel excluded and unwelcome. We shouldn't be competing so desperately for seats anywhere let alone in our houses of worship that we arrive hours early to take an unfair advantage by spreading out jackets nd blankets, tking thoughtless advantage of the forgiveness and resignation of others who they're confident will put up with it, become discouraged and leave. Please Utah, rethink this competitive practice. It is so hurtful to people around you. Do you not care how others feel when they make an effort to make it on time and even early, only to find a blanket spread across a pew while the pew saving family is relaxed T home taking their time with the peace of mind that they will have a pew regardless of how fair it will be to their brothers nd sisters? Please somebody restore my faith in my fellow members of this church. I am so disappointed. I was aT a loss today as to how to encourage my family In Utah.