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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys we have 2 kids . One is a new born and other is 9 years old. My husband has to go for business trips. How we both can good time with our kids . Any new ideas?
  2. So let me explain the situation, that has not yet happened. My husband and I just got married 3 weeks ago today. He'sin college, and I'm not. I just got a job, which is good, because I've been really depressed, because he's always doing school work even on the weekends. School is a 45 min. drive, and gas prices are high. The reason we don't live near the school, is because he doesn't have a job, and I just recently got a minimum wage job. So we're living in a studio apartment attached to his parent's house. Not how I planned starting out our lives together, but if we were actually IN with them, it would be a lot worse. So at least we have our privacy a little. It's been really hard for me adjusting to this new life style. And I feel like the only depressed newlywed. All my other friends who are married, tell me how much they love married life. They're both in school though. I'm not, which makes me feel useless and inferior at times. So my husband gets a call from his sister, who has a 1 yr. old, and expecting this summer. Her husband is in college, and she stays at home, so they are in a tighter spot than we are. He's applying to the university my husband is in, and she was wanting to save some money and all of us get a 3 bedroom apartment together. I panicked at the idea. I started imagining all these scenarios. I mean, they're going to have a newborn AND a 1 yr. old. I want kids, but I'm not ready to have them as immediately as she did. I have never liked being pressured into anything. People at church keep asking us when we're going to have some little ones. I'm about to loose it. I don't want to have a baby because I feel like I have to. I want to have when, when "I" want to. I'm a little rebellious in the fact that when someone tells me to do something like getting married, or having a baby, I refuse to! Just in spite of them. I need time to adjust to living with a guy first. It's too much for me to handle having a baby right away, and they are expensive, and we have hardly any money, and then I'll be stuck with his in-laws. His Mom kinda annoys me sometimes, which I haven't told him. Anyway, it's just a possibility, but I'm stressing and freaking out over it. My husband is totally ok with it. Of course he is. It's his sister, and his best friend. I don't feel as close. Plus, I don't think I'll ever wants kids of my own, with someone else's constantly around me. Can someone please give me some advice. Am I overreacting? Is there anyway this will work, where I'll still want to have children of my own afterwards? I'm really scared, because I'm the only person who's against it.
  3. My baby is 7 months old today! And she's so big, what happened to that squirmy little baby I could roll up into a ball? And my 11 year old thinks she's 17. Why do they insist on growing up? Don't they know what's out there??? WAAAAHHHH!
  4. I read this study today Study suggests babies get the beat at birth - and I have to say, 'I KNEW IT!' lol Even when my daughter was tiny she showed a preference for heavy metal (the real stuff, like Anthrax), mostly for the drums I think. Now that she's older she still loves a good strong beat but has expanded her interests to include classical music. I'm curious, does anyone else have any baby music stories? I once knew someone who absolutely hated twangy country music but that was the only thing that would put her child to sleep lol.