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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all and thank you in advance. My oldest daughter, 19 year old, just came down stairs and said she keeps having these horrible dark and scary feelings in her room as if there were very evil spirits in the room. Now please know that I am not just bragging or being an overly proud Dad, but she is one of those super sweet spirits. She has been going every day with the Sister Missionaries and is always so full of the spirit. She doesn't watch scary movies and only surrounds herself with good people. So when she said that I took her very seriously. When I went upstairs I was overwhelmed and there was no doubt that something was there. The only way I can explain it is it felt like a blanket of pure fear and dread being draped over you. I tried bringing my arm to the square and commanding that it depart by the authority of Jesus Christ. I also took a knee, prayed, and blessed the house and that room specifically. It felt like it worked for about five seconds. At that point my dog started barking from downstairs which in itself is extremely rare. My oldest and youngest daughter share that room and the only thing I could think of was to have them sleep downstairs tonight and are sound asleep on the couches right outside my bedroom. Anyway, I went back up and tried again to no avail. Same feeling of presence. I am a convert of about three years so not very experienced. My wife and kids were all raised in The Church which was my avenue of conversion. They aren't mine biologically but I call them mine and they call me Dad. I mention this because I have been talking with my wife and even with her experience of growing up an active member, she is unsure what to do. I apologize that this post got so long but I have been taught to give as much info as possible when asking for advice. With that said, I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.