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Found 1 result

  1. This article was originally posted by me here. A man was interviewing new drivers for his transportation company. The route was very dangerous and went along several steep cliffs through a mountain pass. The interviewer asked each man how close he could safely drive near the edge of the cliff. The first man responded, “I could drive within six inches of the edge.” The second man responded, “I could drive within two inches of the edge.” The third man responded, “I would stay as far away from the edge of the cliff as I possibly could." All things considered, the third man got the job. Why? Because the interviewer wasn't interested in learning how close the drivers could get to the edge of the road. He was interested in an employee that would keep his company safe. In that same light, I wanted to express some of my opinions of how married couples can stay away from the edge of affairs and other problems in their marriage. I have written about the importance of boundaries with members of the opposite sex before. I regularly work with couples in counseling who are dealing with the aftermath of an affair (or an almost affair). Having appropriate boundaries can go a long way in preventing affairs or inappropriate relationships that could be detrimental to their marriage. These are my own thoughts and are based off of my experience as a marriage counselor as well as my life experience in my marriage. You may disagree with me. That is fine. But I encourage you to develop your own boundaries when interacting with members of the opposite sex. Staying far away from the edge is what could prevent your marriage from tumbling to destruction. The following are DISCOURAGED with members of the opposite sex when you are married: Any kind of physical touch that lasts for more than three seconds.Any kind of physical touch besides a handshake, pat on the back, or a brief hug (again, no longer than three seconds).Full-frontal hugs. This is when the bodies are completely touching, and not just an upper body hug.Being alone socially with the other person. There are times when a job might require two people to be alone. In these times, people shoul work together as professionals and not friends. There are times when a job might require more than the three second rule (i.e. athletic trainers, professional ballroom dancers, etc.). In these cases, professionalism and not engaging in any other outside of work interactions are of the utmost importance.Secret conversations (by phone, internet, etc.) with the other person. This includes facebook and other social networking sites.Secret get togethers. It doesn't matter if it is "just lunch" or "just coffee."Ultimately, you should ask yourself, "Would my spouse be comfortable if he/she saw what I was doing with this other person right now?" The following are ENCOURAGED with members of the opposite sex when you are married:Group dates where you and your spouse meet up with your friend and their spouse.Give your spouse access to all of your email and social networks.Let your spouse know if you are going to be interacting with members of the opposite sex on a professional level. Introduce your spouse to all of your friends.Make sure your spouse knows your co-workers and your relationship with each opposite sex co-worker.Openess and honesty are great ways of staying away from the cliff, while secrecy and lies are like driving one inch away from the cliff. Just because you might be able to drive close to the edge, it doesn't mean you should.