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Found 5 results

  1. Recently moved to Seattle and miss playing basketball in the morning at the stake center. Haven't found anyone that does this in the Seattle area. Does anyone here know of any morning church bball?
  2. Excited to see that a new Mormon movie is in the process of getting made. The movie will tell of the inspiring story of a group of Missionaries who created a basketball team, Mormon Yankees,in the 1950s to capture people's attention and teach them about the Church. To read the full story, visit: What are your opinions about this upcoming movie? Are you looking forward to it, not really or could careless? Tell me in the comments!
  3. I'm fairly sure that the missionaries will be coming to my house in 2015 to visit, so I've been sniffing around the Internet lately and reading random things about LDS missionaries. I came across a 2006 on-line edition of the Missionary Handbook today and read it out of curiosity. (I converted to the Church as a thirtysomething and never served a mission, but I've always been interested in what it's like to serve a mission.) Most of the instructions seem reasonable, such as "do not handle explosives" and "do not tamper with your mission vehicle's odometer" and even "notify your mission president if your companion leaves you." The carrying of guns is also prohibited. But this edition of the Handbook has one curious instruction: "If you play basketball, play only half court." Why is the playing area of any significance? Is this to prevent missionaries from developing unhealthy passions for competitive sports activities that might distract them from their Gospel duties?
  4. Maybe I'm just old, but I don't remember flagrant fouls being part of strategy in the glorious game of basketball. NBA: more education on flagrants may be needed - NBA - Yahoo! Sports What ever happened to just being good enough to score points? I learned basketball back in the good old days of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, heck even Danny Ainge. Yeah some of them were whiny brats but I don't recall any taking the easy way out and stopping play by using such a cheap tactic (drawing the foul by dramatics isn't the same thing lol ). Was I completely oblivious to this tactic?
  5. well about me, i like to keep people guessing, on there toes never knowing what is coming next I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints and i love every bit of it. i love the outdoors, sports, movies, volley ball. i love to fish, love to snowmobile its a blast. most of all i love to make new friends, because i believe that we all can learn from each other and we will be better off than we started in the 1st place. i love the gospel it is my rock my sure foundation.