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Found 1 result

  1. My family should win an award for being dysfunctional. It's hard for me to convey how bad I feel when I'm in church and there are talks and testimonies about how happy families are to be sealed together in eternity and how this is "The Most Important Thing". It's what everyone should want, or so that's the gist I'm getting. But this doesn't apply to my family. No one in my family even likes the other, and over the years, no matter what effort I make to try to bring family together, it all ends in disaster. The problem is that none of my siblings, or my even my parents (father and stepmother) like or trust each other. The more time goes by, the more distant they all become from one another. Even if given the opportunity, not one of these people would want to spend eternity with the others. I would venture a guess that they'd rather spend eternity in any other family but our own! Is my family the only one out here like this? I pray for them. I focus on the good qualities of each person. I have somewhat tentative relationships with all of them, and try to keep the peace, and stay in touch with each. But none of them wants to talk to each other, see each other, or even be within driving distance of the other. Thoughts, anyone?