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Found 3 results

  1. I am reading LDS scripture as I am contemplating returning to the Church. I came upon 2 Nephi 5:23 and WOAH! I can see how people find that offensive. Is there any context I am missing? Something to explain away how terribly racist it sounds? Or is it to be accepted at face value? I miss the LDS church and mostly enjoy the LDS church and do disagree with some things but not enough to not go to the LDS church... but this is just wow... Again, I am just questioning is there context I am missing? I know this is a constant for LDS people to be questioned about people of color in the LDS church, but I just need to hear responses from some LDS who know the scripture better than I do and better than those who have spoken about 2 Nephi 5:23 without knowing all LDS scripture. Please be nice in your responses, I know this is a super sensitive subject and I am not trying to attack in any way. I just need to know if I am missing something. Thanks!
  2. Part of me believes that yes, I don't understand the distrust of African-Americans towards law enforcement. Young African-American men get extra scrutiny from police, and that's not fair. Another part of me says it's not my fault, and I hate being put on the defense because of my race. I'm ot a "white privilege denier." I'm just a guy living my life. It's easier for me, but the answer is not to make it less easy for me. Rather, we should find the pathway to that place where everyone gets treated right--as unique individuals. In any case, this author says I need to be quieter and listen more:
  3. I get it. I really do. Academics are sometimes so good at what they know--so focused, that they miss the optics they might create for us less enlightened ones. So...a Washington State community college employee organization, purposed to advance the condition of people of color, decides to have a discussion on improving race relations. Implicit in the email invite is that Whites are not welcome. On the upside, there must have been pushback, because an apology was issued the next day, and the event was canceled. On the downside, one of the key players doubled down, saying that the meeting would have allowed for a more honest and productive discussion than could be had "with a lot of people."