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Found 4 results

  1. We have always considered having the missionaries in our home as a blessing. Their presence invites the spirituality we enjoy, it helps them cope with being away from home, gives them a family setting, and their messages always bring out good discussions on the Gospel. Enter a new missionary president who suddenly decides that the missionaries can only eat at members homes on Mon/ Wed/ Fri. Strange, but okay- we comply. Two months later (now) the directive comes down that missionary dinners must start at 5pm and end at 6pm. How exactly is this supposed to work out with most people not leaving the workplace until 5pm, then facing a commute of some length? I don't think everyone has a stay at home wife who can prepare dinner for 5 pm (who eats that early, anyhow?) and be there to greet the missionaries. The Elders and Sisters assigned to our ward tell us its a directive from the First Presidency, not the mission president. Meanwhile, 3 states away, my father's ward is being pressured to feed the missionaries, any time, any place, and in any way practical. What gives?
  2. I’ve posted this question to my personal blog and am hoping that someone here will have some insight. Feel free to post there; I’d love for what few readers I have to be able to join in the discussion. Thanks! The Gospel According to Jeffrey: A Cry for Help
  3. So I'm sitting in church today... after a rough Saturday....well Ok weekend.... and I just settle into my tiny portion of a pew, tiny because we cram in like sardines and of course my girls need their coats, diaper bag, "primary bag", RS bag, scriptures, drinks, emergency snack, ... (you get the point).... I've been a member of this ward for almost 5 yrs and had somehow avoided ever being asked to give an opening or closing prayer for sacrament. When I'm asked to give the closing prayer. UGHHHHHHH. Another thing! I say yes, but if looks could kill, Man Br. Hansen would have been like drop dead fred. So as Im grumbling inside... the talks begin. Oddly, my girls sat down with a little toy in hand... and did I say... SAT DOWN... still, quiet. Instantly, I knew this was my Heavenly Father telling me that I needed to quit fuming about the prayer and to focus. So, if I may... I wanna sum up what was said... or, what hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that trials came from our Heavenly Father out of a desire to make us more faithful. Afterall, when do people turn to prayer the most? When their life is the most messed up. I have always kept a good attitude when bearing my burdens, and have not said... Why me. I am not foolish enough to believe though, that my testimony can not be shaken - Im not that prideful - instead, I work each day like Im loosing it. So, Im not the one that sits in the corner and complains. (despite my reservation about saying the prayer hehahha) 1. Trials are a blessing. They happen so that our Heavenly Father can help us grow in the areas in which we are weakest. He is building our spiritual fortitude so that we will be able to endure to the end, but more than just that.... to prosper to the end. And He can bless us freely when we resist the verge of despair and lean upon him and exercise our faith. So, when we are given trials, we must think of them as a tool by which our loving Father can bless us in the end. And once the trial is over, we are able to understand where we were lacking. 2. Those who are loved by Heavenly Father are tested too keep them close. Our Father knows that we are more diligent to the gospel when things are not peachy in our lives. So He Draws us unto him - to keep us close and to guide us in the directions He knows we must go to find eternal happiness. 3. (This theme spilled over into SS and RS and this came in RS)... A sister said (paraphrasing)... You know... trials and test do make us stronger... spiritually stronger. And we know what happens to our bodies if we do not exercise... it gets limp and wiggly. By giving us trials, we are given the chance to exercise our faith. When you go to the gym you dont use the light weights (1-2lbs) you lift the heavy weights. So Heavenly Father has to give us mighty trials so that we can build up mighty spiritual muscles. My entire attitude changed today. And all I can say is that my Heavenly Father must love me enough to want me to be a spiritual body builder! Go Job... he must be like ... the incredible hulk! I didnt do this justice... so I hope you still can feel the spirit like I did.
  4. "Count your blessings; name them one by one. Count your blessings; see what God hath done. Count your blessings; name them one by one. Count your many blessings; see what God hath done.'' What are you grateful for at this moment? List at least 5 things you're feeling most grateful for (I'm sure we could count thousands of things though) I'm grateful for: 1. Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ's love & mercy! 2.My children: I love them! 3. My job: It helps support myself & my children, and help others in need 4. Our health! 5. That nothing has happened! :) Let's count our blessings and see what God hath done! Wishing you all a blessed and safe week! :)