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Found 1 result

  1. unixknight

    A Baltimore Facepalm

    So generally I'm pretty critical of the Baltimore police department because I think they're pretty corrupt and prone to controversy. However, I also believe in giving credit where credit is due, and it's due now. This isn't cutting edge current news but I was learning more about what happened today and felt inspired to share this. A couple of weeks ago a woman was fatally shot while engaging in a shootout with police. Local news article here. If you read the article it refers to the traffic stop that this woman failed to appear in court for, and was one of the reasons officers were there. Well, what happened with that traffic stop was that she was pulled over for not having tags, and as it turned out she also didn't have insurance. She tried to play the "your laws don't apply to me" game and lost. Now, if you watch the video or listen to the audio, this woman was being difficult, confrontational, even threatening. Despite all of that, the officers were trying to give her a chance to handle the situation without escalating it. They were very professional and calm even while she was telling her kid in the car that the officers wanted to kill them. Mentally unbalanced, much? So to nobody's surprise she met her fate trying to shoot at police because they were trying to arrest her for a couple of traffic related misdemeanors. Why am I bringing this up? Because BLM is using this as an example of police racism and killing black people. The problem is there's -zero- credibility in that claim. This woman was clearly looking for trouble, looking for violence, and was in the process of brainwashing her kids to be the same way. BLM no longer represents citizens with a legitimate gripe. It's a full blown hate group now. (No, this wasn't the straw that broke that camel's back, it's just a good example of how we know that movement is irreparably broken.