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Found 1 result

  1. A McConkie-ism is something abrasive or difficult said by Bruce R. McConkie. It's his own special way of "putting it." Be it his own opinions or in doctrine. The most recent time I was broadsided by a McConkie-ism was in his talk "Our relationship with the Lord" (search for it at your own risk.) In this talk he lays out the proper relationship we are to have with each member of the Godhead, and along the way explaining how the sectarians are doing it wrong. At the time I heard it, I thought he made God and Christ sound pharisaical, over pious, untouchable, impersonal. (At the time I thought "only the Smiths get be friends with God, eh Bruce?") Needless to say, it went against my conception of things. Nevertheless, he was right in the end in his main point. It wasn't that God and Christ were pharisaical, over pious, untouchable, impersonal. It's that my treatment of them was too casual, their divinity reduced by my own inadequate reverence and perhaps foolish pride. Now I understand what he was talking about. And the fun thing is, the loving, personal, and intimate Father and Son which I envisioned before this particular McConkie-ism, is demonstrated in Scripture (obvious to everyone but Snigmorder.) There have been other McConkie-isms. For example, I used to sneer and rant and murmur every time I opened one of his books. But I got over that, and now I admire the man and can read him and hear him without being broadsided. Have you ever been broadsided by Bruce R. McConkie?