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Found 5 results

  1. I got into BYU and the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. I really love Cornell and the Statler hotel. Their academics are ranked #1 in the nation for hospitality, and they have everything I want to study. I want to either go into consulting or manage mutual/hedge funds. Cornell has a fantastic alumni network, and everyone I know that goes there has high-paying job offers. BYU is also a really good school, and I'm specifically interested in there business management major with an emphasis in strategy. This is basically there program for consulting. However, I don't really know how involved the curriculum is in terms of real estate, investment banking, hedge funds, etc. Also, I don't know how BYU's alumni network compares to Cornell's. I've heard that BYU isn't a "target" recruiting school. However, even though I'm in love with Cornell, I'm really worried about picking it over BYU. I plan on serving a mission right after high school, so I'd have to defer. I'm mostly worried about whether I'll be able to find a wife at Cornell! The branch is tiny, and most of them are grad students. There are maybe 3 undergrad LDS students, and I don't even know if they are girls. And if I don't get married in college, then my selection goes wayyy down. Especially if I have a job and I'm really busy because of that, and won't have much time to date and stuff. Both schools have great campuses. Both have great academics (Cornell has the advantage) BYU is a LOT cheaper BYU has more potential wives Cornell has a better alumni network/connections (I think) Cornell I could probably get a higher paying job Cornell is Ivy League Lastly, I'm not focusing on social > education. I'm focusing on healthy family > lucrative career. Unless I can have both. What do you guys think?
  2. Hi all, let me wish you all a very merry Christmas. I love this time of year with the Christmas spirit felt most everywhere. Recent tragic events can dampen our spirits a little but at the same time we can be more appreciative of the blessings we have in our lives. I live in the San Diego area with my beautiful wife Brenda and our two Chihuahuas, Romeo and Pumpkin. We are members of the Bostonia Ward, Santee Stake. Well, I'm going to the Pointsettia Bowl today to see SDSU play BYU. I have SDSU season tickets and am a SDSU grad so I have to root for my alma mater, but any other time I am a BYU fan. I hope it is a good game with State edging out the win. That' enough for a first time post, so good bye for now and thank you. Anthony
  3. I am looking into BYU-P, Georgetown, the University of Virginia, and Cornell. Not necessarily in that order. I want to major in international business (which each school has; Cornell and UVA are top 10 in the nation). Then I want to double minor in 2 different languages. I want to minor in Arabic (I would have to start at beginner's level), and I want to minor in German (I would be starting at intermediate because I'm taking AP German my senior year). Additionally, I want to do Army ROTC in college. And obviously I want TO GO ON MY MISSION. Is it possible for me to do all of these? How am I going to have enough time in the day to complete all of the credits to major in international business, minor in Arabic, minor in German, and do Army ROTC?!? PLUS I have to take all of the general studies classes! Any advice how I can manage doing this? So far the only advice I've had is this: The summer before college take as many general studies courses as possible. For the first year of college take more general studies classes and finish most (or all) of the required ones, and also take some German classes. Then go on my mission for 2+ years. Return to college and finish all of the general studies courses, and maybe take some more German classes. For my 3rd year begin Arabic and International business classes. 4th year clean the house and finish everything. Years 1-4 do ROTC, but that means my summers will consist of training instead of more school. Any different advice?
  4. Hi Everyone. My name is TGoldstein and I guess I should introduce myself by sharing what brought me to this site. I am a new Mormon, born and raised in Judaism. I love the church and I know that it is true. There is a life in my light that never had been until January 3, 2009 when I was baptized. I am a mom to two beautiful children. My son, is with me in spirit only. He died in 2007. However, I know that he witnessed my conversion and his little sister's too. Now he is waiting for his work to be done. My daughter is 18. She was baptized on February 21, 2009. She's been attending the U of U for a year and is transferring to BYU in January. GO COUGARS! The love of my life is my husband. We have been married 25 years and I know that what helped us weather the storm of our son's death is the church. He is not a member and doubts the existence of God. However, he's very supportive, loves delivering meals to the sick, attending potlucks and organizing the Chili Cookoff! I pray that one day he will be willing to study his seed of faith. Professionally, I have a degree in journalism with an emphasis on public relations. I use my education everyday as a fundraising executive for a vision organization. I love spending time with my family and my cats. I enjoy reading, walking outside, listening to the rain on the rooftops and making a meaningful difference in the world. I welcome introspection and making positive, personal changes. I'm becoming very crafty.
  5. Fire Creek, BYU’s first theatrically-released film, debuts Friday, May 8, in Cinemark theaters in Provo, Orem, American Fork, West Jordan, and Layton. The film, created by faculty and students from several departments across campus, is the first motion picture to be produced by undergraduate students at any university and released in theaters. Produced as part of the expanded mentoring efforts of BYU, in which undergraduates have the opportunity to work on a professional-level project, Fire Creek was written, co-produced, directed, shot and edited by BYU students under the guidance of faculty and staff. Students also helped extensively in creating and performing the music, in greenlighting (approving) the film for production, and moving the film into distribution. To read the entire story go to: BYU-produced Film First of Its Kind to Enter Theaters