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Found 1 result

  1. I believe competition is wicked, the very definition of the telestial, Darwinian world in which we find ourselves. Competition is about being "the best". It's not about being particularly good, just better than everyone around us. It is the very definition of pride. It is the very antithesis of Christlike behavior. Jesus never said, "Be ye therefore better than your neighbor." Pride convinces us that unless we are as good as (or preferably better than) our acquaintances, we are inadequate. Worse, pride tells us that tearing another person (business, etc.) down it acceptable, because it increases our status in the pecking order. I understand that our world functions on competition. I understand that the man (or woman) who utterly refuses to compete will be eaten alive, figuratively or perhaps literally, by the world. I understand that our economic system is defined by competition, and that maintenance of "healthy competition" is vital to our way of life. I also understand the attraction and even benefits of sports, which are completely defined by head-to-head competition. My sons wrestle, and I doubt there is a more deeply and fundamentally competitive sport. It is a "team sport" only in theory. In practice, it's you and the other guy, each striving to win mastery over his opponent. And I support and encourage my sons' efforts, despite the fact that it's pure competition. When my middle son won his district tournament, he did it by climbing over other boys, boys who shed tears on losing and who bravely tried to smile despite their deep disappointment -- as I have seen my own boys do on many occasions. I really do understand all that. I still say that competition is wicked. It leads to jealousy, discontent, and lack of unity. You cannot love and support your brother or sister as you ought if you're constantly striving to be better than they are. Note that "competing with yourself" is an oxymoron. I'm talking about actual competition, not verbal games. I am convinced that competition is wicked, and is a feature of our fallen world and NOT the celestial realms where we hope to be -- and which we are supposed to emulate to prepare ourselves for such glory. Responses and reasoned disagreements most welcome.