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Found 2 results

  1. When I am asked what I would do if I discovered that I was predominantly attracted to the same sex my quick answer is, "I'd be celibate." What else is there? I wouldn't enter into a relationship that I could not give myself passionately towards. LIkewise, I wouldn't enter one that violated God's commands. And, at least for traditional Christians, there is a long history of those who chose to be celibate so they could fully dedicate themselves to God's work. Turns out that this course of action is more controversial than I thought. LBGT folk and some Christians are uncomfortable because celibacy denies the goal of those who want LBGT to be fully who they are and fully able to engage in church life on the one hand, and it suggests that desires cannot be corrected on the other. I still embrace this as the most likely course of successful action for a commited believer who is same-sex attracted.
  2. One of the most attractive LDS distinctive doctrines is that of Eternal Marriage. I even had a poster visit my page (who is this pentecostal prisonchaplain at anyway???), and that was the first question I was asked do believe families are forever, don't you? Most of you know that the rest of the Christian world, with a few anecdotal exceptions, does not believe that marriage relationships continue in the same manner, into eternity. Yes we will know each other, love each other, and treasure our relationships. But, no, we'll not continue as exclusive family units who reserve out best love and greatest allegiance only to our kin. For strong families with deep love, the doctrine of Eternal Marriage is undeniably appealing. Of course I want to spend eternity with the woman I love, and to have the undying allegiance of my kin, and the neverending mentorship of my parents. But, what of celibates? What of those who have been given the gift of celibacy? They sometimes dedicate their lives to difficult missions, and they serve the church with undivided focus. And, what of homosexuals who are able to remain faithful to the law of chasity, through celibacy, but who do not receive from God the desire for those of the opposite gender. Secular studies in this area remain sparse, but a recent Christian Today article suggests that those homosexuals who submit to faith-based "rehabilitation," have fair success at leaving "the lifestyle," (perhaps 40%+ success), and poor success at learning attraction to the opposite sex (low to mid-teens %, if I recall correctly). My guess is that the secular world would consider that report optimistic. I know...I know...more opportunities in the life to come. All of us believe that the life to come will indeed hold no disappointments. So, considering the high number of divorces, the highly publicized homosexual dilemma, and the persistent subculture of those who simply never marry, imho the promise of Eternal Marriage, for many, is no more promising than the traditional Christian promise of an eternity where the love we now experience will be so much greater, and the conventions of marriage, so essential here, will become completely superfluous. THOUGHTS?