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Found 4 results

  1. If the Holy Bible was the breath of Jesus Christ first and foremost, why do we accept the Book of Mormon of equal standing? I'm just a little bit confused on why the Book of Mormon is needed when the Holy Bible is God's message to us. I'm new to the faith and still exploring a lot of questions.
  2. In Mormon 7:9 Mormon states, "if ye believe that [The Bible] ye will believe this [The Book of Mormon] also" Does this mean that anyone who was presented The Book of Mormon and rejects it, does not actually believe The Bible and is not a true Christian? Is this an absolute, infallible litmus test of the claim of someone to be Christian?
  3. Richard Mouw, retired president of Fuller Theological Seminary, and long-time veteran of Evangelical-Mormon dialogues, believes the LDS may be approaching orthodoxy.. I admit to only have glanced over the article myself. However, the idea tracks with similar ideas expressed by a pastor in our area, after meeting with one of the 12 apostles. Thoughts?
  4. I was recently introduced to the Mormon church through a good friend of mine recently. Not knowing that they were Mormon's my wife to be and I were invited to church with them. Having grown up in the CM&A and planning on planting a new church roots in the local Bapist church I was always willing to goto church with someone. After the church service my wife to be and I were totally shocked. At what we had just heard, that being said...I attempted to keep an open mind and not knowing much I started to do some research on the Mormon and LDS churches. As I learned more I became quite troubled.... Basically my question boils down to this... How does the LDS church resolve conflicts between it's beliefs and what the Bible teaches us. If one accepts the Bible as the Word of God, when teachings of the church conflict with the Bible both can't be right, therefore I am curious as to how the church reconciles it's beliefs with the Word of God. I do have quite a list of issues my research has lead me to believe is conflicting so I am willing to discuss them one by one... Therefore lets start with the first one in Genesis. How can the Mormon church believe that if Adam & Eve hadn't sinned and committed the first sin, and therefore the fall of man kind we wouldn't be here today ? When that's CLEARLY not what the Bible teaches ?