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Found 3 results

  1. Our local teacher’s union is selling members shirts that explicitly reject “thoughts and prayers”—actually drawing a line through them—and demanding policy change. How sad that those I hand my children over to would consider one of my most primary acts of spiritual devotion to somehow stand in hostile opposition to their favored government action. #Muslims, #Jews, #Christians —all people of earnest #faith —really all of #goodwill, let’s stop for a moment and say, “No!” When government and #secularfundamentalists get together to weaponize acts of religious devotion, history tells us the end is always bad. Have your political debates about guns, taxes, the environment—just do not try to label and demonize your neighbors, who happen to believe #Godstillloves and #Godintervenes.
  2. A baptist pastor, Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said today to MSNBC: Now I for one am a bit sick and tired of telling people "We're Christian too" but it isn't getting through and it isn't working. And I know that in the end it doesn't matter that much but I have to keep talking to evangelical friends I have. Wouldn't we be under the general Christianity umbrella but on our own in there? separate from Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox, as a new form of Christianity? Can people here explain to me why it is that other Christians are so uptight and don't see us as Christians? I now we reject many of traditional Christianity's claims, like the Trinity view and saved by grace only and not works but how do they define Christianity to be able to claim that we aren't Christians too? I'm more interested in what they, other christians, say about what a christian is to be able to then conclude that mormons aren't Christians because I know what we say about the issue obviously. I have a few friends who are evangelical christians, born again pentacostal type, so any explanation and argument will come in handy during my discussions with them. By the way they told me we aren't christians because we make God to be a man with special powers and not the all powerful God, if that makes some sense.
  3. i loved it..............I cried