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Found 10 results

  1. *Note that the one other thread I've made has been resolved, I now wear my garments "day and night." So please don't bring that up.* My significant other and I are talking seriously about marriage, but he lives about 6 hours away in a neighboring state. I go to a university in my city and am a sophomore. I have college paid for at this university and he has not yet started as he is recent RM. He's looking into BYUi and other such colleges that are states away. I also have a way to pay for my future law degree as long as I stay in my home state. I would go where he wants if it wasn't for the issue of paying for it. Should he go to the college of his choice and we wait to get married for 3+ years until I finish, or should he compromise and come to the university in my city? We're having a lot of trouble figuring it out and any outside opinions and points of view could really help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey all, so I have been considering going to college and studying abroad in Europe. I was wondering if there were any countries that had a strong church presence, especially eastern Europe or Scandinavia. I am pretty open as far as where for the culture or living conditions, but I was just seeing where may be best. Also, I wanted to see if there was anywhere with more sisters in the area Overall, just looking for suggestions
  3. My daughters are starting to look at colleges. They want schools with strong liberal arts programs, and ones committed to freedom of speech and thought. Interesting schools we visited this week: 1. Grove City College (PA): Had a rigorous Christian vibe, but is non-sectarian. Required chapel (16 per semester) averages 20 minutes (music portion is optional). The campus felt safe and comfortable. Room/Board/Tuition = about $26,000 2. Hillsdale College (MI): Had a super interesting history (abolitionists movement, first to admit ex-slaves, early to admit women), very strong liberal arts (Great Books are required learning. Room/Board/Tuition = about $35,000, though the average student pays about half. 3. Carnegie Mellon, they seemed selective and the knew it. They are very proud of their graduates' successes. Anyone have thoughts on these or other schools?
  4. I got into BYU and the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. I really love Cornell and the Statler hotel. Their academics are ranked #1 in the nation for hospitality, and they have everything I want to study. I want to either go into consulting or manage mutual/hedge funds. Cornell has a fantastic alumni network, and everyone I know that goes there has high-paying job offers. BYU is also a really good school, and I'm specifically interested in there business management major with an emphasis in strategy. This is basically there program for consulting. However, I don't really know how involved the curriculum is in terms of real estate, investment banking, hedge funds, etc. Also, I don't know how BYU's alumni network compares to Cornell's. I've heard that BYU isn't a "target" recruiting school. However, even though I'm in love with Cornell, I'm really worried about picking it over BYU. I plan on serving a mission right after high school, so I'd have to defer. I'm mostly worried about whether I'll be able to find a wife at Cornell! The branch is tiny, and most of them are grad students. There are maybe 3 undergrad LDS students, and I don't even know if they are girls. And if I don't get married in college, then my selection goes wayyy down. Especially if I have a job and I'm really busy because of that, and won't have much time to date and stuff. Both schools have great campuses. Both have great academics (Cornell has the advantage) BYU is a LOT cheaper BYU has more potential wives Cornell has a better alumni network/connections (I think) Cornell I could probably get a higher paying job Cornell is Ivy League Lastly, I'm not focusing on social > education. I'm focusing on healthy family > lucrative career. Unless I can have both. What do you guys think?
  5. I'm in high school looking at colleges. I plan to apply to college and then defer for my mission, so I won't be a freshman until after my mission. Therefore, I want to pick a college that is full of single LDS girls for when I return. I know that the BYU schools are going to have the most obviously, but I'm also trying to factor in academics. (And yes I know, plenty of you are going to try to convince me that BYU has GREATTT academics). Well the point is I'm looking at schools besides BYU so please respect that decision unlike most of my peers. I've been looking at Ivy League schools and also UT Austin, but I am most intrigued with UT Austin. From research I have gathered that there is a fairly large institute program in Austin and also 3 single wards. However, how many of these wards are specifically for UT Austin students or located closely to student housing? And although the institute program may be large, how many is full of already married women? Will there be a lot of single girls my age? And lastly, although not least important (just joking don't need a lecture on this): are the LDS girls at UT Austin anywhere close to as attractive as they are in Provo (because there are some stunners at BYU-P). Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
  6. So my oldest child is rapidly hurtling toward the college application process. Since we're residents of the United States, most of her search is concentrated in this country, but she's also looking into high-level anglophone institutions in other countries (e.g., U of Toronto, U of Melbourne, National University of Singapore, Trinity College Dublin, U of Hong Kong, and so on). She has also been focused, from an early age, on serving as a full-time missionary once she comes of age to do so. However, if she goes to college outside the United States, she'll be on a student visa. So: How possible would it be for her to take a break in her education to serve a mission? I've found a lot of advice on the internet (including in these fora) for students who are coming from other countries to the United States with such plans, but nothing for those who go the other direction. I suppose this makes sense, since that's the most likely direction (what the Brigham Young Universities and all), and the rules are probably different from country to country, but the question remains. Anybody with any experience/knowledge on this who can help someone who doesn't know where to look?
  7. I am looking into BYU-P, Georgetown, the University of Virginia, and Cornell. Not necessarily in that order. I want to major in international business (which each school has; Cornell and UVA are top 10 in the nation). Then I want to double minor in 2 different languages. I want to minor in Arabic (I would have to start at beginner's level), and I want to minor in German (I would be starting at intermediate because I'm taking AP German my senior year). Additionally, I want to do Army ROTC in college. And obviously I want TO GO ON MY MISSION. Is it possible for me to do all of these? How am I going to have enough time in the day to complete all of the credits to major in international business, minor in Arabic, minor in German, and do Army ROTC?!? PLUS I have to take all of the general studies classes! Any advice how I can manage doing this? So far the only advice I've had is this: The summer before college take as many general studies courses as possible. For the first year of college take more general studies classes and finish most (or all) of the required ones, and also take some German classes. Then go on my mission for 2+ years. Return to college and finish all of the general studies courses, and maybe take some more German classes. For my 3rd year begin Arabic and International business classes. 4th year clean the house and finish everything. Years 1-4 do ROTC, but that means my summers will consist of training instead of more school. Any different advice?
  8. I'm going to be attending The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the fall. I haven't been there yet, so I know nothing about the area, the stakes, the wards, institute, and etc. Anybody from there? I'm a YSA. Thanks :)
  9. Despite the recession, Provo has the nation’s strongest growth for college town jobs, according to a Forbes report released on Tuesday. Thanks to a plethora of small student-related businesses and campus construction, Provo experienced a 2.9 percent growth in jobs between March 2008 and March 2009. Provo managed to outrank 67 other college towns that experienced growth, including towns surrounding Duke University, University of Virginia and Texas A&M. To read the complete story go to: Provo Named Best 'College Town' For Jobs
  10. Hi, My name's Ashley. I'll be a freshman in college this upcoming year, and looking forward to some of the independence this will bring. I come from a Catholic family, but they're 'Easter and Christmas' Christians. I myself have been through a *lot* of spiritual upheaval, bouncing around from Catholic, to LDS, to Pagan, to agnostic...I've had various crises that dealt serious blows to any belief I had in God. I've been doing some soul searching, and I feel like LDS is the right path for me to follow. I just...need some support here, and reconciliation (I'm not connected to an LDS network right now, but it'll be in my capacity to be once I get to school). And on reconciliation...what I mean is this. I'm a bit of a wild child. I want the nose piercing, I want the tattoo to commemorate my friend that joined the Marines, I want to be able to have a career (teaching) after I get married, I want to be able to keep on writing my probably-isn't-appropriate-by-LDS standards novel. Also, I'm going to one of the most notorious party schools in the nation this fall, and it's going to be really hard to keep from drinking. If someone can provide me with advice, or just message me from time to time on the site, I'd greatly appreciate it.