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Found 4 results

  1. When someone confesses sins to the bishop, such as violation of the law of chastity and word of wisdom, the bishop of course provides direction and council through the repentance process. Say someone repents and has been fully forgiven of the Lord. Does the church keep on record the sins he had previously committed for future church leaders to understand where they have been before? Especially for serious sins that could cause excommunication, wouldn't the church want to keep that on record even if they have been forgiven? Because if it happend again, the new Priesthood leader should probably know that it wasn't the first time. Am I right? So what I'm trying to ask is, does the church keep records of our previous sins? Who has access to that information? I'd rather have answers from bishops, former bishops, etc. Or people who actually know what they're talking about, not just opinions. Thanks :)
  2. I am engaged to be married at the end of the summer. I have told my future spouse everything about my past and she still thinks I am the most wonderful person. I recently had a slip up and masturbated in the middle of the night. I quickly got a hold of my bishop and told him everything that happened. He said to move on and use it as a learning experience and to just try a few things to be sure it doesn't happen again since it is something that is not common for me. Well I am having a hard time feeling good. I am torn on whether I should tell my fiancé what happened. I know that she will love me still, but I am not sure if it is necessary to let her know. She can tell that something is wrong, but she said that she doesn't need to know, she just wants me happy. I am really good at being extremely hard on myself. I look at what happen and am full of disgust and disappointment. I even look on it and feel like I am going to throw up. I am just so disappointed that this has happened since I am an engaged man. Any advice would be great.
  3. moocow

    Get myself kicked out?

    I go to a church university. I have broken the Law of Chastity. I only have one semester left and we are required to have an ecclesiastical endorsement before we can register for classes. My boyfriend and I want so badly to confess and make things right, but we're 80% sure we'll get kicked out of school. (We leave room for faith and miracles!) This will cost us lots of time and money since it's right smack dab in the middle of the semester. This isn't just a private thing between the bishop and us. It's everyone in our lives all becoming very aware that we broke the Law of Chastity and are kicked out. We'd have to move out and be outcasts basically. It sucks! Does anyone have any words of comfort? I hate life right now. I really really really don't want to lie to the Bishop. I never have, and I never intend to. Also, how bad is it to run away and elope? Just wondering. I'm almost 25 by the way. I know I sound like a teenager, but seriously I don't know what to do.
  4. CocoonedButterfly

    Have I gone too far?

    Okay... I'm going to make this quick and blunt because its the sin that matters and not the story behind it. I'm a fifteen year old girl and I've had internet sex (chat room format, not video or picture and I usually pretended to be an older man interested in boys my age) and I've had issues with masturbation since I was twelve. I've completely stopped fooling around online and it doesn't even hold any allure for me anymore. The masturbation has been harder to quit, mostly because for a long while it was the only way I could sleep (sorry if thats too much info) but other than a few occasional slip ups, I've also stopped that as well. I know I need to confess to my bishop. I've already confessed to him about my troubles with pornography (in written form, not picture) and ever since then I feel comfortable talking to him. It's just... I'm still nervous, you know? How far is too far? What if because of these things I've done I'm too impure to ever go into the temple? I just have this fear of telling him how much of a perv I was online and then WHAM! being excommunicated. So, uh, I guess what I'm really asking is... HAVE I gone too far? Am I past the point of forgiveness?