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Found 2 results

  1. Ok. In a nutshell. I am married to an inactive spouse. We were both baptized a week apart from each other, but were never sealed in the temple due to his priesthood being put on hold because of his "unworthiness". His unworthiness list ranges from using "legal Marijuana" to constant pornography addictions. [moderator edit] I maintain my domestic house pretty well conflict free most of the time. I try to be as sweet and submissive as I can while still remaining worthy, however tonight was an exception. We all sat down for dinner and I have been so excited to introduce my FHE printouts to the kids. I review them and teach them over dinner. I didn't think this would be a problem since my husband has been overall supportive with me becoming active again. He will attend sacrament service ONLY and then leaves and comes back to pick us up after church is over. He has told me he does not believe the church is true anymore, however will support me. So we have been doing this arrangment for weeks and it actually has been working quite nicely. Well tonight as I was going through my lesson, he hops up and starts tickling my four year old. I ask him to please encourage a spirit of "reverence" with the children by example and then he quickly walked out of the room and came back and started cleaning. I should have known better than to even ask him anything, but since things have been going SO well and conflict free; I was shocked. I asked him to please wait to clean until after my lesson and he just went off. He started mocking the phrophets and using profanity in direct regard to the church. My kids are sitting there watching this whole thing. I told him if he was going to say those things, I would have to ask him to leave and then he started verbally attacking me. I had to verbally attack him back (because if he thinks your going to be passive, he will do it more; long long story( and finally I told him I was going to call the police if he didn't stop. He left; kids were crying and the whole thing was a disaster. He will probably stay gone all night and I will probably take the kids to church tomorrow by myself.
  2. Very "simple" problem. Have 4 crazy energetic children. Wife want's another. Youngest is 1 year. I'm done. I don't feel I can handle more. Moreover, I don't think she can handle more. I can't understand why she wants another when all she ever does is complain about the ones we have (they really are a handful and I don't blame her). We've talked about it off and on since our last was born. I really felt we were done and told her so. Eventually, I said we'd consider it later, when/if things mellowed out with our other children and if/when things got better in our marriage (having other issues that cause weekly fights). Anyways, we're struggling just to keep ourselves together and this topic came up again. I finally just said no, it's not going to happen. Now she's all a mess, tells me how selfish I am, how if I loved her I would not do this to her, etc. I know it sounds so selfish so her words really hurt. But I can't do something like this just to please her. I honestly feel like our marriage is so fragile that we couldn't handle yet another. I've even prayed to have God change my heart, but to no avail. What can I do? Do I just remain steadfast, and let her "morn?" She accuses me of being cold, emotionless, but really it hurts me to make her so sad. Have any of you had conflict with quantity of kids? How did you resolve it?