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Found 2 results

  1. So basically this past weekend my girlfriend broke up with me and it is because she is feeling confusion about our relationship whether or not we should progress to the next level. She has been feeling this confusion for a while (a few months) and now she says that she is taking that as a sign that Heavenly Father doesn't approve of our relationship or that it should go to marriage. A couple of days later we talked and she expressed to me that she wants more than anything to be with me and she wants us to get married but she just thinks that she was confused because that is Heavenly Father's answer. It's just odd to me because we always talk about how fun married life would be and everything about after getting married and she loves the idea of it, it's just committing to it that she feels confused about. We are going to be friendly together and not lose our friendship but the only times that I will be seeing her is when we run into each other on campus (we go to the same school) or when she needs me the most (I am her best friend and the person that she trusts the most). I would like to think that it is not completely over with her and that with time we will be together again but she just needs to realize that we really are right for each other. I have already taken steps in my life to make this breakup easier and to feel freedom like deleting her number so I really don't have anyway to contact her but she can still contact me. From talking with people a lot of the advice that I have been given that most of her confusion could come from that she is nervous and scared to get married. Others have told me that she is being manipulative and just wants to keep me around. I am going to keep on going in my life and I've already been with friends a lot and I have a lot to do that will keep me busy and make an easy transition. What advice/counsel do you have? Is anything that general authorities have said about getting through confusion in dating or anything about that?
  2. On the second coming: Children shall grow up without sin...(D&C 45:57-59) But yet, "for it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things" (2 Nephi 2:11) Also so...when children are born in the celestial kingdom while parents are in a "resurrected state" will children be resurrected at that point? Will they have flesh and bone? If so they just skipped mortality and went straight to immortality. We were all promised resurrection for choosing our first estate and following God's plan. So for all the children we have after the 2nd coming will they just be those who get resurrection without living through mortality? Do all the infants who die before birth or right after share in this? Notes: (D&C 137:10) children who die b4 accountability are saved 4 celest. kingdom. (D&C 63:51) children shall grow up until they become old Keep this going. Post your most thought provoking discoveries and let people offer their ideas as well as sources to why they think that way. Citing scripture,prophets, or GA's words.