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Found 4 results

  1. Hi members! I have kind of an odd question for you, but I am hoping for your advice to guide me as I venture forth...I'm an investigator, but I want to be baptized as soon as possible. I am trying to purge my life of ungodly things (already been deleting all of my erotica off my Kindle and removing immodest clothes from my wardrobe). Now, I am self-employed, and my husband works extremely difficult shifts leading to an odd schedule...add in that we have a toddler, and basically our house is an utter wreck (working so hard to get it clean before missionaries get here). Because our dishwasher broke in the middle of an intensive 7 day, 17 hour workweek for my husband, many dishes got disgustingly rotten, we threw them out, and we had little left. We got rid of those, too, and I did some creative budgeting and discovered we could eat healthier and spend about the same, maybe a little less or more, if we ate out and never cooked (we eat salads, wraps, burritos and used canned goods like tuna and beans). This eliminated a huge, burden of a chore in cleaning and a time-suck of cooking, enabling our family to spend more time together. I used to be a huge proponent of our food stockpile pantry. After no matter what I tried I couldn't afford the right things to keep rats and roaches out of our pantry, whatever we hadn't used was mostly ruined. So now, I'm wondering, do I need to reacquire dishes and go back to cooking? Am I required to have a food stockpile? Am I doing something wrong? Sorry if this sounds silly! Thanks for reading my rambling post! Please offer me some advice on this, I'm so confused...I don't want to be doing something wrong according to how God wants us to live.
  2. Hi all!! Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I figured sharing it would be a good place. So I'm trying to raise money for a couple organizations in my area. One is a well-known public organization in the Seattle area called "HopeLink" (food bank, mentoring, social services, etc) and the other is my own little project that probably won't be an official non-profit for a couple years. My personal project is called "Nakama International". I hope to set up a website for it soon, but currently I'm looking for the box to my website software so I can plug in the registration code (it's in the abyss known as my closet). Nakama (or "Friend", in Japanese) International is my personal project to help both international students find affordable places to live and help local children learn about other cultures and languages, while helping them with their schoolwork and lives. Both are things I feel strongly about, both as a former international student and a future teacher. Most of the money that is raised will go to HopeLink, because they do a lot of good in my neighborhood and I really want to help out. The rest will go to getting Nakama International started. What I'm doing is creating an online cookbook, or well, a cookbook in the form of a pdf that can be downloaded after it is bought. What I need are recipes!! I would love lots of international stuff, but good ol' American homecookin' is good, too. :) And preferably stuff that can be affordably with easy to find items. I would prefer it if things were messaged to me privately or sent to me by email ([email protected]). But feel free to post some things here. :) Thank you so much!
  3. I know it's a relatively trivial, and highly personalized Word of Wisdom-related question, but where do you personally stand on cooking with, or eating something cooked in alcohol?
  4. yes. its true, i cannot cook, ... anything. lol. its very pathetic i know. i just never learned my mom and i it had just never came across our minds to teach me haha.. my mom is a rather nervous cooker haha, she is a perfectionist and every measurement has to be exact, i did learn how to bake,... some.. i just never tried to see if thats a talent of mine or not, but now that im starting on my own so to speak (being a live-in nanny for a year) im afraid i will starve haha! if not live off chips and all that good stuff , anyhow, i did learn how to clean like none other i am a the miricle cleaner haha even if i do say so myself jk, so yes this is sad haha, but can anyone tell me how to cook simple things like.. potato's.. and beans.. vegetables... the only thing i know how to do is brown meat haha and thats because thats what i had to take over when the phone would ring, and it was one of my older sisters needing to talk to my mom. can anyone provide like a DETAILED very detailed, as in every aspect of cooking certain things? like what i gave as an example? any tips would be great! thankyou! --Elisabeth