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Found 3 results

  1. I have been a member of the church my whole life and for 30+ years assumed that a first councilor was in some way higher or more senior than a second councilor. Is there any validity to this? is there any stratification between the two counselors in any way officially specified by the church? In this case I am particularly wondering about the Elders Quorum Counselors but it raises the question to any priesthood (or perhaps auxiliary) presidency. Background Story (optional): I serve as 2nd counselor in an Elders Quorum Presidency where the president is exceptionally busy and the 1st counselor is disengaged (not complaining, they're great guys!). In cases where the president is completely unavailable I wondered if I first need to consult with the first counselor before I take the lead and go to ward council, plan our lessons, etc. If so things might be much more complicated as we don't hear from him much. but I want to make sure I function appropriately in my role. I know we (counselors) do not have the keys which the EQ president does and this situation should be remedied and I always work under the direction of the bishop and try to keep the rest of the presidency involved and informed. but with that in mind should I defer decisions and initiatives to the 2nd counselor or should I just go and do.
  2. Link to a Mormon Bishop's Guidebook - Click HERE [Over 50 pages of material] Simple tips, written by a recently released Bishop. One man's attempt to help those who lead. From the first page: "Early in my calling I found myself wishing the church had a handbook, or guide, just for Bishop’s. Yes, the church has handbooks, and Handbook 1 is for Stake Presidents and Bishop’s. However, they are designed for a broad worldwide church, designed to help a Bishop in Cape Town, South Africa as well as one in Anchorage, Alaska. I was looking for more down to earth, rubber meets the road guidance. I believe I could have been much more effective if I didn’t have to walk the ‘school of hard knocks’ that first year. A little help would have gone a long way. I get it, you need to experience many things yourself. Just a little help though, up front, would have made me more effective and helped me be a better minister early in my service." This was written to help other leaders who could use a little extra guidance during those early months. I've heard from Bishops and Stake Presidents all over the world thanking me for the information. If there's anything you think that should be added, please let me know. Enjoy!
  3. Until the general public becomes more informed about the reality of how pornography affects the human brain it will continue to be looked at as a moral weakness or a form of mere entertainment rather than a true chemical addiction. InnerGold Counseling services has worked in the addictions field for over 20 years we want to make it clear that pornography addiction is a CHEMICAL ADDICTION. Pornography and sexual addiction issues are the most difficult addictions to treat because it hits at the very core of our humanity. Interest in sexuality is a primary driving force in human beings. It is pleasurable by design and necessary in order for the human race to continue to exist. If there were ever to be the perfect drug created pornography would be it. Pornography is the “perfect brain poison.” You can learn more by going to our group, Understand Sexual Addiction. We really hope this information will help people to start their recovery process.