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Found 4 results

  1. On November 15 the Seattle Times online edition published a feature chastising an area Unitarian-Universalist Church. Interestingly, the article identified the church as a typical Northwest Liberal Christian congregation, then took it to task for its upcoming $17 million renovation. The issue--what to do with four houses the church owns, across the street from its sanctuary? The city says it must spend $1 million to bring the up to code. The families living in them were formerly homeless. The congregation decided to demolish the homes to create 17 additional parking spots. The media outlet blamed them for caring more about SUVs than the homeless. While the Times may have a point, my first thought was why is a secular media outlet litigating a congregational matter within its pages? My second, less kind thought, is that if media are now going after liberal churches, how precious! They thought that if the bowed to the culture, obeyed the secular mores, took all the right (urr...left) political positions, well, at minimum, they would be left alone--perhaps even praised now and then. Instead, this soft target just took a major hit. More traditional churches will likely get this treatment in the near future--and I suspect the trend will head out towards the Midwest, and then the South will want to catch up, so it doesn't look backward. HOWEVER, at least our churches are ready--we've seen this day coming. Blessed are we when they lie about us and persecute us for Christ's sake. THOUGHTS?
  2. Religions--especially Christian ones--face a dividing of the house. I see it within my own fellowship, within evangelicalism, within Catholicism, and, sometimes, within some of the strings here. Do we attempt to fashion our communities towards godly, gospel-honoring virtue, or do we modify our messaging and "optics" to better appeal to the culture? 30 years ago we evangelicals were confident, with our Moral Majority and Christian Coalition, our Christian broadcasting, our gospel rock bands--we were going to win America for Jesus! By the mid-90s, some were calling for a full pull-out. The culture is hopelessly corrupt, pull your kids out of public and secular schools, let us withdraw and circle the wagons. Alas, today, some congregations are bursting at the seams. They have discovered that if they teach grace, love, acceptance, inclusion, understanding, and authenticity, people will come. No more talk of sin, unless it is couched as, "We are all sinners--perhaps we are worse than you. Let's walk together." Jesus was not interested in conquering culture, nor in accommodating it. He simply spoke and acted on Truth. Maybe we're asking the wrong questions. Perhaps, despite our busyness, we're not completely about the Father's business.
  3. Hi all!! Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I figured sharing it would be a good place. So I'm trying to raise money for a couple organizations in my area. One is a well-known public organization in the Seattle area called "HopeLink" (food bank, mentoring, social services, etc) and the other is my own little project that probably won't be an official non-profit for a couple years. My personal project is called "Nakama International". I hope to set up a website for it soon, but currently I'm looking for the box to my website software so I can plug in the registration code (it's in the abyss known as my closet). Nakama (or "Friend", in Japanese) International is my personal project to help both international students find affordable places to live and help local children learn about other cultures and languages, while helping them with their schoolwork and lives. Both are things I feel strongly about, both as a former international student and a future teacher. Most of the money that is raised will go to HopeLink, because they do a lot of good in my neighborhood and I really want to help out. The rest will go to getting Nakama International started. What I'm doing is creating an online cookbook, or well, a cookbook in the form of a pdf that can be downloaded after it is bought. What I need are recipes!! I would love lots of international stuff, but good ol' American homecookin' is good, too. :) And preferably stuff that can be affordably with easy to find items. I would prefer it if things were messaged to me privately or sent to me by email ([email protected]). But feel free to post some things here. :) Thank you so much!
  4. Hey everyone! My name is Shaun. I'm working on a website called My Mormon Culture So far it just has lots of widgets but they're all relevant and fun. I think you'll enjoy! I made the site to help fund my college tuition as I can use every cent I can get. I just got the site online yesterday so it's still a very new site, but I'd appreciate it if you all gave it a look and maybe even bookmark it. Check back often for new items! Thank you much and enjoy!