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Found 3 results

  1. I have been married for 10+ years and have found myself in a bad place. A little while ago I started texting/chatting with another guy. It was mostly something I did just for excitement/adrenaline rush. Well, we've been making suggestive comments to each other and on the spur of the moment decided to meet somewhere. Things got out of hand and there was some petting and one kiss. I obviously feel horrible about it and I realize that I need to tell my husband. I'm putting it off because I know how badly he'll be hurt. I don't want it to affect his self image and other parts of his life. On a side note, he used to have issues with pornography - as far as I know, he hasn't had these problems for the past few years. At the time, tore me up inside to think that he was looking at photos of other women...why wasn't I good enough?? It was extremely hard on me. I know I'll eventually need to talk with my bishop, etc. I'm ready for whatever comes my way: disfellowshipping, etc. Anyone have experience in this area??? I really need some advice...
  2. I have been disfellowshipped for over 2 years now, wow I hadn't even realized that until today.... I have never lost faith in the church, and I continue to live righteously in nearly all aspects of my life, with the exception of one: I have committed the transgression that initially caused my disfellowship repeatedly since my initial disciplinary council. I have felt great shame and disappointment in myself about this, and I would stop if I felt that such an action wouldn't drastically disrupt my life as it exists currently. I will add that my transgression is not illegal nor socially unacceptable. I need badly to be attending church, I know that nothing will change if I do not start attending church again. I have moved and am no longer in the same ward I was in when I had my disciplinary council. I want to begin attending church, but I am not ready to discuss anything with the bishopric of my new ward (I haven't met them since I've never been, so it's not a matter of being uncomfortable, I'm simply not ready to go back to the issue). I have avoided returning to church because I know that since I'm continuing to commit such a grevious transgression, I don't feel worthy of being there. I am afraid that if I return, I'll be forced to meet with the bishopric, I'll be forced to undergo another disciplinary council, which would result in excommunication. This terrifies me, and has been the motivation behind my not having felt the spirit of the Lord in His house in over a year. I want so desperately to resume attending meetings, and it's more important now than ever because I'm planning to marry the man I'm dating. He is not a member of the church however, and has had no exposure to it to date. I need to be coming to church, so that he can come and feel the spirit and decide if he wants to join the church. But I'm so scared to go myself that I can't really ask him to go either. I want to know if I can attend meetings without having to speak to the bishopric about my transgression right now. I have no intention of letting it continue for forever, because I want to feel the blessings of being a member in good standing of the Church again, more than anything. I just am not ready to face it yet, but I know that avoiding going to Church will never bring me closer to facing my problem. Can I go and just attend the meetings, or will I have to talk to someone about my membership status?
  3. My husband went before a Church Disciplinary Council in Sept. 2008 for adultery and was disfellowed. He had been having a 2 year affair with a co-worker, whom he baptized into the church in July 2008. (No action was taken against the woman and she went on to steal another woman's husband.) My husband has since gone through an Alma-like repentance, and is a different person. I, on the other hand, am having issues. At the time of the Church Council my Stake President told me to be friends with the other woman, and seemed more concerned with her than with myself and my children. Since that time neither he, nor our Bishop have extended any contact with our family. Our home teacher, who is on the High Council, has not visited us in over a year. During this period of time my husband also had cancer. I have gotten over the devastating pain my husband caused, have forgiven him, and we are doing well, but I am hurt by the absence of support by my church leaders. I am a strong member of the church, but I almost feel as if I have been disfellowed as well. What exactly is the role of a Stake President, Bishop and home teacher after a member has been disfellowed? With this history, I am afraid they have forgotten about our family and my husband will be in limbo for some time yet.