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Found 3 results

  1. So I have a close friend that I have been struggling to give advice to. She has a boyfriend that isn't LDS, and they have been dating for 5+ years. She went off the deep end with this boyfriend, but went to her bishop and got things cleared up. In the past few years I've seen her flourish in her testimony of the gospel, in all aspects of her life and she's been a huge example to me in that. Recently her and this boyfriend have been getting serious again, and she came to me for advice, she's not sure if she believes in parts of the gospel, she struggles with abstaining until marriage in aspects of the relationship. She keeps asking me why the lord would put boundaries on us if these things are so great, and how many other religions have the same beliefs but she feels like she's tied down with the LDS church standards. I tried to explain to her the best I could that the lord doesn't set some boundaries to hold us back, but to help us focus on the bigger picture of life, and looking past what the world says we should and shouldn't do. She seems to agree, and the frustrating part, she admits to me that she knows that she shouldn't do those things, but she's not sure if she can wait till marriage. I have told her countless times that I know that I will support her no matter what, and I will always love her free from judgement, but I feel like there's more I could say from a spiritual aspect that might help her. I know it's her life and she will make her own decisions, I just hate to see her do something that she regrets or has worse consequences from Any advice on this situation? --A struggling friend
  2. Here's my story; I'm a 20 yo male. I joined the Church almost two years ago after a long and exhausting journey searching for the Truth. I joined because I felt so comfortable... As soon as I started to attend Sunday services I realized that the LDS Church was the place where I wanted to be the rest of my life and where I wanted to raise my family. The problem is that now, two years later, I don't feel comfortable anymore. Here's why: I feel overwhelmed with my callings (Ward Mission Leader, Seminary Teacher, Young Men secretary and Elders Quorum instructor). I feel like I don't have time to fulfill all of them. Besides Church activities, I'm attending college and that limits the time I can spend doing Church work. My Bishop doesn't seem to understand my situation. When I talk to him about it, he tells me to fast, pray and study the Scriptures more often, and that's exactly what I've been doing, but I keep feeling the same way. I'm a YSA, and my fellow YSAs rule me out of everything. I'm like the black sheep of the group and I don't exactly know why. My only friend in Church once told me that the other YSAs said that I just "don't belong to the group because I come from a wealthy family". I knoe it sounds ridiculous, but that's what I've heard. (Please note that I'm from Mexico City, economic gap and social status are a huge deal here. Racism and discrimination between wealthy or white and poor or brown people is not uncommon. I'm not racist btw, that's just the way things work in Mexico. I'm the only white person in my Ward and I have felt terribly excluded from all Church activities.) Whenever I think of my future, I feel terribly overwhelmed and desperated. I don't see myself attending Ward Councils for the rest of my life. I sometimes just want to be a normal Christian who attends Church, reads the Scriptures, preaches occasionally and serves others without having to immerse myself in administrative issues of the Church. My Ward doesn't seem to work. Our attendance is lower and lower each week and members are turning unfriendly. Nobody pays attention in Sacrament Meeting anymore, most members sleep or keep texting while the speakers talks. As a Ward Mission Leader, I've talked to my Bishop so we can help return members who faded out. My bishop has promised to talk about it with his two counselors. Needless to say, it's been almost two months since we talked and he still hasn't consulted his counselors. PLEASE my fellow brothers and sisters, I need help. I know the Church is true and I've felt the Spirit so strong... I just feel like my Ward is not working, like there's something wrong with it and that discourages me so much
  3. To keep this short and sweet, My boyfriend has been called to serve a mission and is due to report to the MTC in a week. buthe recently realized that he is only going because that's what his family wants him to do and not because it's what he wants, or believes in. Basically he has come to the ultimate conclusion that he shouldn't leave. I'm not a member of the church but I love him to death and I want to make sure he makes the right decision and doesn't regret anything looking back. I don't think it's right for someone to devote 2 years of their life to something they don't believe in (or practice at times). But he is an amazing person and I think he could really help people, if that's what he decides to do. Currently, he just wants to leave a note explaining things to his family and leave for a couple days (I don't know how that will go over considering he has pretty strict parents). I think he should at least go try it and if he hates it he can come home. I just want what's best for him and I will support him no matter what he decides to do. I don't want my personal wants/beliefs to have any affect what so ever on his decision. So I just wanted to see if people had any advice as to what to say to him to help him through this. Also because I'm not a member and not familiar with what goes in the church I was wondering what this would mean for him within in the church? Are there repercussions to just not going once you've been called? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. (: