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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Existing forum posts on dream interpretation on this site seem to be mostly populated with questions about how the process works, and concerned questions about the sanity of those who dream or try to interpret. However, the scriptures are full of instances of people receiving instruction from the Lord through dreams. I am finalizing a manuscript on the subject, and am interested in your take, your experiences, and ideas. I dream regularly, usually vividly, colorfully, and with a high degree of spiritual import and impact. Over the years I have developed an understanding of the process of interpreting that I want to share. I am looking for ways to share my work and experiences without being relegated to the "Professor Trelawney" category. I wonder what kind of interest there is on the subject here, particularly as my manuscript is directed to a thoughtful, serious LDS market. I look forward to hearing from you! Cindy
  2. Hello. My name is Anna. I'm 17 years old, and I'm a Mormon. So, there's this guy who I have had a crush on for some time and he is currently set to go on a mission in July. (Whenever a guy turns 18 (it used to be 19, but the rules have changed since then), they are given the option to submit their missionary application to Salt Lake City where the three people who are the head of the church and SEVeral other people prayerfully decide where this person is to go to in the world. They can go anywhere except for a few places in the world, and they devote 2 years of their life to preaching and teaching the Gospel.) I've been doing my best not to push him into anything that would prevent him from going on his mission, but he and I have been getting along well. I always catch him smiling and glancing at me whenever I'm around him. ♥️ I'm also planning on writing to him while he's on his mission. Yesterday, I ran into my crush at church. He and I used to be in the same ward, but after the ward boundary changes, he and I are in different wards, but I've been able to see him through the different church activities. This past year at seminary though, he would always sit next to me, and I really liked sitting next to him. I took him to my school's semi-formal for our first date, and he has 3 jobs now, so he can't set up another date with me. He got me a rose after the semi-formal too as a way to thank me for taking him to the dance. He and I also text from time to time, but our conversations are fairly short. He's a bit of a shy guy too. So anyways, last night I had this weird dream. And I know dreams are pretty boring to talk about, but I feel like this was a sign of some kind. I dreamt that my crush had gotten home from his mission, and he randomly shows up. There wasn't a big "Welcome Home!" party or anything. He just came to me. He gives me this long, close hug for what felt like 5 minutes, and it didn't feel awkward at all. It felt like a real hug too, like he was actually there hugging me. He and I talked for a while, and then he had to go do something, but he accidentally left his wallet there. His wallet was made of brown leather, and it was the size of an open pocket wallet (like the kind that you have to fold open so maybe 5 or 6 inches long). I opened it up to see whose wallet it was, and on the inside of the flap, I saw a small beige heart cut out of the wallet, and my first name was written in the small beige heart. I opened the wallet up a little more to try and find some ID or something like that, and I found my crush's full name engraved into the wallet. The last thing I remember doing was sending a picture of the wallet, and asking him if it was his, and then I woke up after that. Once I got home today from running errands, I started to crave my crush's hug, but I couldn't call him up and get a hug because as of right now, my crush is in Utah with his family, and he won't be back until roughly 2 weeks before he leaves for his mission. (Plus that would feel awkward to meet up with someone just for a hug). I'm not craving a 5 minute hug from him as mentioned in the dream either. Just a 10 or 15 second hug from him, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about it without seeming awkward. And I know this is an awkward question and all, but what does this dream mean?
  3. My husband would like to find out who he did baptisms for if at all possible. Apparently the night after we went he dreamt that a large group of soldiers thanked him. It was a neat experience for him, one he realizes may have been a neat coincidence, but he'd love to find out if possible, if it could have been a real thank you from his brothers. Thanks guys!
  4. I'm so glad that I found this site. I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to find other people of my faith. My name is Ben Stoneking and I am highly ambitious. I was raised in the church, but I consider myself a convert. I love music of all kinds and I have been recording with my best friend and brother-in-law Dave Supplee for the last year. My ambitions include becoming a highly successful musical artist and DJ. I know that the path that I have chosen is fraught with heartbreak and failures, but I am a believer in the unlimited potential bestowed in each of heavenly fathers children. I will become successful musician and eventually have my own record label. I believe that anyone can achieve anything as long as they want it bad enough to do all that is possible to make it. I look forward to meeting the community. I also have a blog. Please check it out! ^o^ The Alien Thing <---------------- Click!