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Found 2 results

  1. It is about Eating of Blood, Gen 9:4 But flesh with the... blood thereof, shall ye not eat Ever since when I was a I already know about this doctrine and I believe that eating of blood is prohibited by God, recorded in the Old Testament, New Testament and also thought by Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith. "Joseph Fielding Smith Question: "Is the eating of blood and food therefrom, such as blood sausage and blood pudding, forbidden by the law of the Lord today? In "Gen. 9:4Genesis 9:4, and from Paul's enjoinder against partaking of blood I deduce that this teaching is part of the everlasting covenant, and not a principle that passed with the fulfilment of the Mosaic law. Is this conclusion correct?" Answer: Definitely your conclusion is correct. The blood plays a far more important part in this mortal world, whether it is the blood of human beings or the blood of other creatures, than is generally understood. It is the life-giving fluid of the mortal body; but it has in it the seeds of death as well as the sustaining power of mortal life. Its duties are many and varied, but it is not the purpose here to recount them. Notwithstanding its great importance to the physical body, it is, above all else, a mortal element. When Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden, there was no blood in their bodies. Their lives were quickened by spirit; therefore they were in a state where they could have lived forever, and so likewise could every other mortal creature. (2 Nephi 2:2-25.) When Adam fell, the change came upon all other living things and even the earth itself became mortal, and all things including the earth were redeemed from death through the atonement of Jesus Christ. (Quotes JST Gen 9:10-14, Lev. 17:10-14, and Heb. 9:19-22) (Answers to Gospel Questions, 5 vols. [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1957-1966], 3: 100.)” This was recorded in Answers to Gospel Questions, 5 vols, How come they say that there is no written doctrine regarding to this? I do not eat blood because the prophet say so, If I will obey the counsel of our local leaders not to preach about this because there is no written doctrine about this then I disobey the law which the prophet taught us. Please help us about this doctrine, why we contradict the teaching of Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith regarding the prohibition of eating of blood.
  2. I know it's a relatively trivial, and highly personalized Word of Wisdom-related question, but where do you personally stand on cooking with, or eating something cooked in alcohol?