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Found 2 results

  1. I'm going to confess a sin to my Bishop, and I anticipate he will ask me to not pass/partake of the sacrament, pray in public, home teach, etc. (Just the basic temporary "punishments"). The problem is my ward has a very small youth group and an even smaller young men's group. We have just enough to serve the sacrament, but usually someone is sick so we have an adult come, but it is apparent who wasn't there and we always ask "why could you not serve today, we needed you?" If I stop passing the sacrament suddenly for a few weeks my friends and priesthood leaders will ask why...How do I maintain my privacy (since it is not there business) without making the situation uncomfortable? For instance, if someone asks me "why haven't you passed the sacrament or helped us prepare for the past 3 weeks? You need to get on top of that!" What do I say? Another thing I'm worried about- Sunday School and Priesthood session...What if I am called to say an opening/closing prayer? If I decline my friends will become suspicious since I NEVER decline. My friends will think less of me, too. Second, in Priesthood our leaders do NOT take no for an answer. If I say I don't want to when I am called on then they will persist. What do I do? Please help me, any suggestions, anything at all. I'm open minded. I want to fully repent and be pure, but I don't want to experience a rough process.
  2. Hello! I'm a little new here but have been reading for some time. What's the worst social mistake or embarrassment you've made? For me, and this one was terrible, I have a good Muslim friend and she and I were attending a friendship party and she has brought some hummus dip and my other friend kept calling it Hamas dip! Oh my! Every time she'd talk about how great this Hamas dip was my friend would wince. I was SO embarrassed. I had to apologize to my Muslim friend for my other friends ignorance. - Stacia