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Found 2 results

  1. English speaking LDS volunteers desperately needed. Hi. My name is Edward and I live in Ecuador. I have been tasked with teaching English to Church members in Guayaquil Ecuador in the Pathway program, prior to the students attending BYU online. The students ages range from 16 to 30. All of the students are members of the Church. Most have learned some English in schools here in Ecuador. What most lack really is conversational English. They lack pronunciation and communication skills. Most are really very poor and so their access to the internet is via internet cafe's located near their homes. We sincerely hope there might be members of the Church who would be willing to volunteer a couple of hours a week to help some of these wonderful brothers and sisters by conversing with them in English, one on one through Skype, a few hours each week. It is not necessary that you speak Spanish, just good, clear English. Many of these students are return missionaries or are brothers or sisters preparing to serve missions. Some are single or married adults. All are converts to the Church and all are good people, trying to better themselves. Here is your chance to really make a difference in another person's life and to make life long friends along the way. Please, if you can help, contact me and lets get started. Sincerely, Edward [email protected]
  2. taisama


    Well, I just finished this poem for my English class tomorrow and I got more spiritual that I had planned. I thought I might as well publish it here as it may make someone happy. It is about a trip to Temple Square (SLC). The Square On a cold, dark, December night, I gazed upon a glorious sight- In the middle of the Square the sight caused my sound soul to soar. What I saw was truly magic; lights of many hues were twinkling- I let my bright eyes grasp the colors; reds, whites, and blues galore! The brilliant scene pierced me to the core, warmth flowed from every pore. This helped me the cold ignore. While I was walking ‘round the Square I slipped and fell, my skin did tear. As I struggled to my feet, I caught a glimpse of bright pallor- There was a still, shining lake, my image captured on the surface- The surface, fragile as glass, only disturbed by the color. I saw the reflection of my past, warmth flowed from every pore. This helped me the pain ignore. While I was thinking of my past, I came upon what I had sought- A pure, peaceful, white structure dominated the large Square floor. Illuminated as if by angels, the white marble shown bright- Standing there, eyes glistening, trying every moment to savor The beautiful vista filled with joy, warmth flowed from every pore. This helped me my mistakes ignore.